Late night coffee seemed to be a great idea while in Yogyakarta. While it may not seem to be that late back then, I was actually more intrigued with the presence of modern, hipster coffee shop outside of Jakarta, Bandung and Bali. That night, our choice went for Epic Coffee.

Epic Coffee 3

Jalan Palagan is en route to the higher grounds of Yogyakarta. About how far it took for us to get there somehow reminded me back when I used to frequent Noah’s Barn on the outskirts of Bandung. Jakarta has one too now by the way.

While the owners of nowadays coffee shop usually go after the strategic place, it seems that it’s not the case for Epic Coffee. Upon witnessing how it looks and based on the accounts of “coffee people”, Epic Coffee was destined to be here and to be eloquently designed.

Epic Coffee 4

While it may look like a warehouse, it was neatly decorated and giving away such space I have never witnessed before from any other coffee shop. True, they may be sharing their spot with an interior shop but what they offer for the coffee lovers is a luxury that one would rarely witness in Yogyakarta.

It is without doubt, the fanciest coffee shop in Yogyakarta. Just look at the gadgets and the machines. With its La Marzocco’s Strada and a myriad of manual brew instruments, Epic Coffee is seriously introducing itself as a third-wave pioneer in this city.

Epic Coffee 2

The beans it utilized came from our local farmers and roasted by trusted people from capital J, but it seems that pretty soon, they might be doing that by themselves as well.

It was a pleasant visit and my coffee was a formidable one, especially to ‘suggestively’ repelling my drowsiness that night. I can imagine that the place would be equally beautiful as well during the day. In all, I am happy that Yogyakarta finally readies itself to embrace more of this trend and based on those “coffee people”, there are other places that I can actually visit after this.

Epic Coffee 1

Until next time then, Epic Coffee!


Unsuitable for vegetarians

Jalan Palagan Tentara Pelajar no. 29, Yogyakarta – Indonesia

T: +62.274.4530704

Opening hours:
Daily, 10am – 11pm



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