Menu Highlights: Scusa’s New Menu 2015 (InterContinental Jakarta Midplaza)

Did I mention that InterContinental Jakarta Midplaza has got itself a formidable, new executive chef? Yes, the Italian gentleman Mr Gianluca Visciglia successfully brings a new breeze to the hotel’s legacy of good food.

That night, he took us on a ride with Scusa’s new menu for this year.

Scusa 2015 7

We had a pleasant encounter before. During my interview with him for The Foodie Magazine, the chef had already introduced me with some of the most rustic Italian dishes and he did marvelously well with that. Now it’s high time to know his five-star style that he devised for Scusa as one of Jakarta’s premiere Italian restaurants.



The antipasti was an exciting one. I was simply astonished with the presentation of the mixed seafood platter. Each component was carefully made and placed.

The highlights went for the octopus terrine in terms of uniqueness and to the seared scallop for my personal preference. Some may find this appetizer is meant for those with acquired taste but for me, this is like exploring the ocean with style!

Scusa 2015 4
Antipasto misto di pesce A platter that consists of fish carpaccio with rosemary, octopus terrine with citrus, tuna tartare with fennel sauce, and seared scallop with orange mustard sauce
Scusa 2015 5
Chestnut cappuccino, pistachio crusted foie gras praline, and warm croissant



While the spaghetti may seem straightforward, the chef however made it so flavorful and enticing with the appearance of the crab. The rich taste of this pasta dish was so motivating and boosted me to get ready with such enthusiasm for the steak.

For the secondi, as expected, the veal was simply perfect. Chef Gianluca successfully married it with the truffle sauce and the other sidekicks. Again, it appeared straightforward but steaks are sometimes meant to be like that. It was a formula for success!

Scusa 2015 2
Spaghetti tossed with crab in fresh cherry tomato sauce and basil
Scusa 2015 1
Porcini mushroom crusted veal tenderloin with apple and mashed potato, black truffle sauce, and sauteed vanilla carrots



While I have a dietary restriction to follow, I had to skip the dolci for my dinner that day. But with this kind of presentation, I do hope to taste more of the chef’s desserts in the future and probably, the classic panna cotta. This one actually appeared intriguing, as you can see!

Scusa 2015 9
Espresso panna cotta flavored with Amaretto and Amarena cherry compote


To sum it all up, I am looking forward to see the course Scusa is heading now. With Chef Gianluca at its helm, I bet both classic Italian dishes and intelligent, modern dishes that he devises every day may bring wonder to this long-standing Italian restaurant.

Scusa 2015 3

His cheerful and energetic personality also brings the spirit for the kitchen team, the food, and the guests as well. There’s nothing else that I would ask other than that. Additionally, I heard that he will bring his own spirit also for Rasa and that surely piqued my interest already.

Until our next encounter then, Chef!


Halal-friendly (some menu contain pork and alcohol)
Some menu are suitable for vegetarians

InterContinental Jakarta Midplaza
Jalan Jend. Sudirman Kav. 10-11, Jakarta – Indonesia

T: +


Opening hours:
Daily, 11.30am – 2.30pm (lunch), 6pm – 12am (dinner)


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