Since the steakhouse inception several years ago, I set my hopes quite high for Sinou Steak, knowing that it might position itself peer-to-peer with our local pride such as Holycow Steak or Abuba. But now, I was left devastated with its current, tragic situation.

Back then, Sinou Steak used to offer short ribs and even the secondary cut like bolar blade steak. It used to be quite interesting that way because the steakhouse can teach its customers about secondary cuts and that they can be as delicious as the usual ones.

Instead now, they are serving sate kambing, sop kambing, and pretty much unrelated stuff with its own name – Sinou STEAK. Well, of course it’s their right if they want to diversify the products but surely, you can actually choose to elevate the real steak lineup instead. To be fair, they do still have interesting lineup of steak nonetheless.

Sinou Steak 1
The sirloin that I ordered, however, was way too fatty and gave out only small percentage left from the whole meat which was still edible. Aside from that, the sauces came in dead cold, as if it was made very fresh… a few days ago. Luckily, after they reheated it, the sauce tasted fine and can actually considered formidable.

Another fatal mistake came from the beverage lineup where they can’t serve iced drinks but fully aware that it’s already way past lunchtime. So we were forced to have soft drinks from the fridge or overpriced mineral water.

Aw come on, Sinou Steak. Seriously? You can’t provide ice cubes for the drinks as a restaurant?!

Additionally, Sinou Steak could use better maintenance for the place since it was hot and humid although they have several air-cons actually. I don’t know whether they are trying to save up for the electricity but at least when the customers come, please give them a break. Let them eat comfortably despite the aforementioned shortcomings.

Ultimately, I wrote this because as a writer as well as a foodie, I was hoping that restaurant ventures anywhere in Jakarta or across the globe could conduct good business by giving the best for the customers. I am willing to support in anyway I can even with mere, honest words if that’s what it takes to see the restaurant flourishes and at the same time, the smiling faces from happy patrons.

Sinou Steak, I sincerely hope that we can improve together and give the best for each other. Thank you.


Address: Jalan Senopati no. 35, Jakarta – Indonesia



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