After relocating some time ago from its original location on Jalan Suryo, Commune tags the bistro and grill concept to reintroduce itself and to become a familiar place for either hipster foodies, party goers, as well as rice bowl lovers; like me for instance.

Commune Bistro & Grill 6

Owned by four energetic young people, who one of them happens to be Marcel Chandrawinata, Commune Bistro & Grill boasts an intimate mood and at the same time as a good place to hang out among friends.

Neatly decorated with open kitchen concept, the only downside of the restaurant was that it is open for smoking in many of its corners. For any of you who desires personal moment either with your significant other or close friends, the VIP room is a comfortable choice to have your dinner.

Commune Bistro & Grill 1

Equipped also with modern dart machines, it appears that Commune is practically a place for community at the end of the day. Party goers would fill up their tummies with casual offerings that many of us would look for in any given cafes, but here, it’s all about creativity.

No less than 10 types of rice bowls are presented here. Starting with the famous menyadon or the beef tongue rice bowl, other choices comprise of miso honey salmon, beef fajitasbibimbap, braised short ribs, and even nasi goreng or all vegetarian toppings.

Commune Bistro & Grill 3

Presented in a way that will entice your mouth to water, the rice bowls here are in general, have a formidable taste but last time, the red rice could me cooked more tender. Unless you opted for white rice or pilaf rice, then everything should be in order.

My order of menyadon was a good choice. Even though all the juices were drowned on the bottom of the bowl, then what to do exactly is to mix it all up together. However with my previous rendezvous with Umabo’s rice bowl, this is something that you won’t have to do.

Commune Bistro & Grill 2

In all, it was a good treat. The service was also attentive and we have no complains about that. The openers in form of Vietnamese spring roll and chili cheese fries were also very satisfying and the Virgin Sangria as my drink choice was an exciting one as well.

Commune has made a good decision to move here and it seems that everybody is loving every minute of staying here. It’s all about consistency and improvement in every step of it towards the future. Good luck, Commune!


Halal-friendly (with some of the menu contain pork & alcohol)
Unsuitable for vegetarians

Lot 8, Jalan Jend. Sudirman, SCBD, Jakarta – Indonesia

T: +62.21.9277.3302

Opening hours:
Daily, 11am – 11pm (weekday), 11am – 12am (weekend)


Photography by Commune Bistro & Grill


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