TGA Teaser: Sop Sapi Pak Toha

Ah, sop sapi. A rather rare treat to be found in a city’s street food scene anywhere. Yeah sure you can find one or two here and there, but you should compare their version with Pak Toha’s here in Kemayoran. I had the best of my time here.

Despite having only a modest place and limited seats, Sop Sapi Pak Toha is frequented by many for brunch, lunch, up until dinnertime without any pause in-between. At times, it’s hard to seize yourself a seat but when you finally got it, it’s time to enjoy the party.

Sop Sapi Pak Toha 1

His version of sop sapi may be very straightforward, but one should not mess with Pak Toha’s QA when it comes with the soup. It was simply needless to add more condiments, even kecap manis or sambal, the beef soup was already great just the way it is.

Altogether with the tender cuts of beef, carrots, and the sidekicks of crispy fried tempe and perkedel; it was all more than you could ever ask.

Okay, I telling you about it right now but I’ll be back with more. In the meantime, be sure to pay a visit there.


Address: Jalan Garuda (around in front of Pempek Putra), Jakarta – Indonesia

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