A wide variety of meat grilled and served the churrascaria style is just awesome. Sadly in Jakarta, Brazilian steakhouse or known as churrascaria is so far non-existent from as far as I know. However, we can be glad at least for now with the existence of kebab shops that has a bit of similarity with it or an Argentinian asado steakhouse. That’s our only muse so far here in the city until a Brazilian savior comes sooner or later.

That’s why I have to share this story about Carnivore with you!

Carnivore 4

There are similarities in fact, like I told you earlier, with the whole kebab thing. Whether it was once inherited by Andalusian Muslims back in medieval times or whether it was introduced by The Ottomans or whether the Portuguese/Spanish invented it? Well, it’s hard to say. However, as time goes by, the credit was given for Brazilians and some Latin American countries who were finally able to introduce this wondrous culinary achievement to the world.

So basically in a churrascaria, you will (and you must) opt for the all-you-can-eat mode where the passadors (meat waiters) will in turn bring a skewered giant meats, perfectly grilled and all juicy, to each and every customer up to their contention. Endlessly! (or until the restaurant closes)

At Carnivore, they’re serving the rice, some seafood, sauces, beans, and dressings in a separate station and these should go well with the meat. However from my point-of-view, you might not want to do this because you’ll get full immediately!

Carnivore 2

For me, it’s better to savor every good meat that’s coming in and enjoy it to maximum pleasure.

You will only have to flip a sign on your dinner table to “Sim, por favor!” or the Yes, please in Portuguese to get these guys coming to your table, and to slice the meat in any size that you want, and then to travel again around seeking for the Yes people. If you already have enough for today, simply switch it to “Não obrigado”.

Now let’s go for the meat details!

Of course what I am looking forward for would be the beef. Carnivore prepares every day garlic beef cuts from the highly prized picanha (rump steak), ribs, hump, and the rump cap. Boneless lamb legs are also served and be sure to not also miss the chicken thighs and hearts. Trust me, the heart was delicious but the beef was simply extraordinary. It’s about tender, juicy meat at its best and unhindered by any sauce whatsoever.

Carnivore 3

Additionally, Carnivore also serves fish fillet and some pork cuts. The beef tenderloin cuts are also encased with bacon and that applies also for the chicken breast. Please be sure to note that for any of you who have dietary restrictions regarding pork. During my last visit, I was notified that the skewer and the grills were separated between pork and the rest, but just to be sure, it’s better to ask from time to time.

The finisher should be a refreshing one and that’s why the chef himself travel around to each customer to offer them freshly grilled pineapple. Even though it came in big size but it helped a lot to clinch the whole meaty experience at Carnivore.

Carnivore 5

It was one of my major highlights during my last visit to Singapore and I’d be sure to not miss churrascaria around the globe should I one day receive another opportunity to do so.

Thank you Carnivore for the great treats and hopefully someday soon somebody will open one here in Jakarta as well. The market is ready, their pockets are full of money, everybody should be very enthusiastic, and hopefully, it’s gonna be a fully halal one!


Halal-friendly (but some pork dishes and alcohol are served)
Unsuitable for vegetarians

CHIJMES, Marina Bay Sands, Grandstand, Appetite
Complete addresses are here

Opening hours:
Varied for each outlet
Basically opens daily, except Monday for Grandstand outlet

Buffet lunch: 11am-3pm; SGD 34/adult & SGD 15/child
Buffet dinner: 6pm – 11pm; SGD 49/adult & SGD 20/child



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