Assalamu’alaykum my dear readers,

Very recently, I decided to start a special rubric to honor the dedication of restaurant owners anywhere who make their F&B ventures go halal. 

There’s an increase of demand for this information from some of my readers and there’s a need from within myself to inform that halal is not only about no pork and no lard, but there are other important stuff that we need to know more. Ultimately, halal-certification becomes an achievement by itself.

Why begin from Singapore?

I saw that many restaurants there have reached a conclusion where they want to give that peace of mind for their customers and to assist them in staying true to what they believe in, but at the same time, they can also achieve profit. It’s a win-win but with a conscience.

Not saying that we are lacking of restaurant owners who has this initiative but generally saying, the conscience is still lacking for most of the demography (or not given with enough opportunity to do so). Not saying also that they are all shamelessly looking for profit only but there are many who don’t understand about this matter.

Hopefully from this, I could ignite that kind of understanding for restaurant owners and foodies alike. That this world would be a better place if we are all simply honest and would like to contribute better for the society by learning more of other people needs and passing the knowledge about it as well.

In this case, it’s all about halal and its complex dimension.

And now back to business, I hope you will enjoy my new rubric and find it as a useful reference on where to eat and other information about halal. Do let me know if you have any opinion, corrections, or questions about this. I’d be happy to help to the extent of the knowledge I currently possess.


Rian Farisa


PS: If you wish to know the other resource regarding halal in my blog, click the tag “halal” and you will find other posts about it. It’s not all about restaurant reviews but also on other stuff. Happy reading!


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