Let’s not get into the details of why it became famous worldwide and that it all started in 1949 Chicago. We skip history lesson for now so that we can go straight to these marvelous creatures!

Garrett Popcorn 1

It was probably the one and only stunning popcorn in the whole universe, ain’t afraid to admit that it was my very first, and I pretty much would like to ask anybody to bring the store to Indonesia (please!) or just take me to Singapore again for it.

With a taste as wonderful as their CheeseCorn, you won’t actually have to add another melted butter at 21 Cineplex or even bother with other flavors, especially the sweet. I never actually like the sweet flavored popcorn, although Garrett provides good caramel corns and the “yeah, okay” butter popcorn, but their CheeseCorn defines the subject behind what it’s meant to be “addictive”.

Garrett Popcorn 2

The sharp taste of the cheddar, the beautiful round shape, and the warmth of the first bite changes everything. If they allowed everybody to eat in subway, the tin will long be emptied before I even return to the hotel.


Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Detroit, Singapore


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