My last year’s Jogja trip was packed with appointments and all had to be done in just mere two nights.  The last one night that I spent at LOKAL was highly pleasant but again, too short. It was also ironic that I only had time to eat at their good looking restaurant only for breakfast. Even so, I managed to see the potentials found within the menu.

Chef Nchank Tamberang, whom I featured on previous issue of The Foodie Magazine, was chosen as the big guy behind the kitchen. With his years of experience, he crafted a simple but interesting lineup of dishes. That came surprisingly with a really good price as well! For Jogja, this is a particular lineup you would like to see in hotels.


For that breakfast, my nasi goreng was nice and well-complemented with the satay but my photographer’s bubur ayam had a mixed review from us. Even so, LOKAL was nice enough to add more if we asked and the breakfast was also nicely ended with a plate of assorted fruits.

Anyway, take a look at their menu here and you will find out that LOKAL presents something more than you would see normally in Jogja. Again, that came with a really friendly price tag as well.


I’d like to visit again the hotel and the cafe sometime and enjoy that sunny morning. I just love to be basked under the morning sunlight coming through the restaurant’s windows. Not too long though. Anyway, if you came a bit too late, the restaurant might already be fully booked for events or crowded with teenagers.

Well, the place feels gaul, that’s why.


Suitable for vegetarians

Jalan Jembatan Merah no. 104C, Yogyakarta – Indonesia

T: +62.274.524.334

Opening hours: Everyday, 6.30am – 11pm (Sun-Thu), 6.30am – 1am (Fri-Sat)



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