Umabo 2

Still with Uma-Bo and their amazing umami rice bowls, it would not be complete if I forgot to include the Ribs Me Up as their signature selection from the menu.

This beautiful dish is best when savored right away. Firstly, you want to have that runny yolk all over the bowl and add that vigorous flavor that everybody would die for to have over their breakfast. Secondly, it is best when paired with the killer slow-cooked ribs!

The taste of the ribs is simply out of this world. The sweet Asian flavor connects right away with the tenderness of the ribs. It’s easy to break it piece by piece and savor it wildly but you would want to pause a bit and enjoy it slowly but sure.

Making sure that you can still float up high in the air when you’re enjoying the ribs, the chefs Nando and Ivan as the owners of this restaurant and also the newly opened Benedict at Grand Indonesia, ensured that the combination of good ribs and rice will go naturally amicable as well with braised garlic, fried shallots, creamy corns, and the roasted eggplants.

They all possess that mildness on every bite you take but each packs a punch that will always be memorable. The crispiness of the corns, the crunchy shallots, and the oozing egg yolk over the delightful ribs and rice was just too much for me!

Damn! I wrote about this in the middle of the night. I have to forcefully take myself and visit Uma-Bo again sometime soon!


Address: Jalan Wijaya I no. 22, Jakarta – Indonesia
T: +62.21.722.2063


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