Confessions of a Foodie: Anak Jajan – Julia Veronica & Marius Tjenderasa (The Foodie Magazine, Oct 2014)

Quite often during the food bloggers meet-up somewhere in recently opened restaurants and even on some travels out of town; I encountered Julia Veronica and Marius Tjenderasa, who are well-known with their pseudonym – Anak Jajan.

This couple goes way back ahead before the time I knew them, but once we got along together since a few years, I knew instantly that they have what it takes to become a star foodie.

Anak Jajan 2

Mostly people know Anak Jajan from the persona of Julia herself, but if we follow their history until this very moment, Marius plays a really important role as the photographer. During a tea time months ago, Marius told me that he wanted to always become better and better so that Anak Jajan will grow even bigger.

That and thanks to Julia’s perseverance with productivity on the blog and Instagram, Anak Jajan has now become popularly known and the work of this couple has brought them to win bloggers competitions, to become the speakers for talkshows, and opportunities to travel abroad.

“We started simple in 2011 with the spirit to share our foodie journeys and make a diary out of it. The name came up simple as well. Since we love to nibble and graze anywhere, hence we decided to name it ‘Anak Jajan’”, Julia said.

When things started simply, it may often be best left simple as well and that’s what Anak Jajan is now. “Basically we blog about the things we love from food and traveling. We occasionally share recipes as well in the blog. The spirit is to befriend everyone and not comparing ourselves unique or better than the rest”, said Julia straightforwardly as I have always known from her personality.

Their straightforward approach in blogging is apparently well-received and combined with the stylish approach from the images they share in Instagram, they have now amassed thousands of page viewers every day and almost 30,000 followers in Instagram as we speak.

When people usually share their best moment on experiences abroad or when encountering unique food, for Julia and Marius it is actually pretty much different. “The best moment is every moment that we share with other food bloggers anywhere and hanging out with friends who share the same interest like us”, they said.

The open road ahead for Anak Jajan, said Julia and Marius, will be filled with improving content and photography to make the blog more enticing and informative as well for the readers and followers. I personally admired their effort once when they decided to make a routine e-magazine downloadable for free from the blog, however the project is currently put on hold as the couple’s busyness became more intense nowadays.

Ending our meet-up, I decided to ask the food that they really enjoy most. “We all know how the Japanese took it seriously with their food and in the end, it’s always a pleasing moment for us with any of their food”, said Julia who pretty recently just returned on a trip to Japan. But being true Indonesians both of them say the same thing about the cuisine they love most from the country. “Padang food!”, exclaimed both of them.


Visit the couple’s blog at and Instagram @anakjajan


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE October 2014 edition

Download it for free here via SCOOP!

Photo courtesy of Anak Jajan


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