Taking It To The Streets: Rujak Jangkung 212 Megaria (The Foodie Magazine, Sep 2014)

Everybody must know that with me going to the cinema doesn’t mean that watching movie becomes a must, because for me in this particular cinema, I’d often go for the good rujak buah!

Bioscoop Metropool, or now known as Metropole, is an art-deco classic architectural feat that was built in 1932 and has been known as Jakarta’s first cinema since the 50s. Located on the edge of Menteng neighborhood, the cinema was once forgotten and neglected but it eventually underwent a serious revamp several years ago.

Rujak Jangkung 212 3

Another reason why this building that once called Megaria becomes valuable is because of the famous eateries that resided there. Despite initially the renovation was designated only for the cinema but I was in turn, utterly surprised that the eateries have now enjoyed their new state of luxury from the very recent make up project. Some are moved and stationed altogether within a shared joint but all is now air-conditioned and more comfortable.

But me visiting Metropole is not always about watching film or enjoying the ayam bakar and pempek, but I sometimes go after the fruit rujak takeaway from a street vendor that hangs out on the cinema’s parking lot.

I was originally dejected when I could not found it anymore on the parking lot, especially after seeing the whole premise has already been revamped. But I was once again caught by surprise because of the fact that the once idle pushcart is now stationed inside alongside everybody else!

Not just that, I finally get to know the name of this rujak buah seller. The current owner is actually the son of the founder, Pak Jangkung (Mr. Tall), and he prefers to be known with the same name as well – although it seems that he doesn’t inherit the ‘tall trait’ since it is first known in 1986.

Rujak Jangkung 212 1

Pak Jangkung is known for selling good quality fruits for a rather premium price, if compared with travelling vendors in any neighborhood. For around IDR 18,000, you can enjoy as many as 14 types of fruits during the ripe season for many tropical fruits. Of course, being sensible about choices, you can never complain if you have ‘only’ the sliced young mango, jicama, melon, star fruit, papaya, water apple, or the exotic ambarella.

The pairing for these fruits would be the sticky, sweet and spicy dressing made from brown sugar, tamarind, peanuts, and terasi. Sometimes in other street vendors you can ask for additional pepper and salt but Pak Jangkung’s version is more than you could ask with its good, harmonious balance of the flavors.

So, whenever you’re looking for something fresh and spicy, or just merely wanted to enjoy fresh fruits, Pak Jangkung has all the good things for you prepared in an instant. Don’t forget to try what his neighbors have to offer as well though!


Suitable for vegetarians

Metropole, Jalan Pegangsaan no. 21, Jakarta – Indonesia

Opening hours:
Daily, 12pm – 9pm


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE September 2014 edition

Download it for free here via SCOOP!

Photography by Dennie Benedict


2 responses to “Taking It To The Streets: Rujak Jangkung 212 Megaria (The Foodie Magazine, Sep 2014)”

  1. Indah pesekk (@hh_indhul) Avatar

    hay 🙂
    salam ya buat pak jangkung dari keluarga kampung 🙂
    laris ya AMIN

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      Saya sampaikan kalau bertemu beliau. Terima kasih.

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