Confessions of a Foodie: Stanislaus Hans (The Foodie Magazine, Sept 2014)

Being a food blogger myself, I’m proud to say that within the span of the last five to ten years, the time has finally come to witness how food blogging can become so influential. Of course, one of the most leading actors in this field is none other than the social media celebrity – Stanislaus Hans Danial Subianto.

Stanislaus Hans

A couple of years ago Hans, as his friends would call him, started his own blog modestly to share the things that he loves about food. Some say that college years are the best time to start your aspirations and Hans was fortunate with that very opportunity. He noticed the chance during his internship days in a teen lifestyle magazine where he met successful people from rare professions that involve food photography, food styling, and also from food blogging.

“That’s the moment when I take food blogging seriously and that it can be potentially earning for me”, Hans told us remembering how it all started for him with the blog.

Since back in high school, Hans has always been sharing his pictures of food in a decent way and that’s his real forte right now as seen through his blog alongside the Instagram account. With his tens of thousands followers, Hans is now reaping what he sow from his diligent shares and posts of his experience and the artistic angles that he shot for the meals that he ate and the travels he had gone through.

“You will never know what the future holds for you. I never expected since the beginning that my life would revolve around food!” said Hans, still half believing that his work leads him to become a renowned individual in social media world.

However, fame does come with a price as well. Nowadays, Hans would need to juggle the balance between daily life and work with his increasingly busy schedules. “These days, I would stay awake until 4am to finish the articles for my blog and depraved of sleep sometimes. Nevertheless, I am enjoying my commitment with my passion and dreams!” he said with an uplifting spirit.

With his vigor and young age, Hans feels that there are so many things that he could achieve in the future. “I’d like to redesign my website, I’d like to write a book, I’d like to have my own Youtube channel, and many else. Plus, I’m also working on a certain project about creating my own brand”, revealed Hans secretively.

Even though he’s exposed with the current trends of F&B business, Hans found himself always falling in love with the oldie goodie bakmi ayam. “Top it with dumplings and meatballs. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!” confessed Hans.

“Additionally, anything related to chocolate is also my weak point. Name it a few like martabak, lava cake, chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, or even Black Forest; the thought alone makes me hungry and I will have kejang-kejang imagining it”, said Hans cheerfully.


Visit Hans’ blog at and his Instagram @stanislaushans


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE September 2014 edition

Download it for free here via SCOOP!

Photography by Dennie Benedict


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