I don’t know what to make of this place. In one instance, I feel sad to see that 64 years old of legacy seems to be forgotten, or at least remembered only by the older generation, but when I put a taste on their ice cream, it’s a no joke when it comes to the flavor. Nevertheless, let me introduce you to another oldies in ice cream business – Tjanang.

My search for oldie goodies from Jakarta’s restaurant scene destined me to encounter Tjanang in Cikini. It’s a bit elusive since the signboard is so small yet the place is not exclusively dedicated as an ice cream parlor, but it’s actually pretty easy to find due to its proximity with the famous elder neighbors such as Gado-Gado Bonbin and Kikugawa.

That time, I didn’t bother to introduce myself as someone who wants to know about Tjanang and I went straight to a waiter for my ice cream. When I asked a bit about its background, there’s no definitive reply. I saw also an elderly woman who’s most likely to be the owner but there’s no sign of welcome gesture anyway and that’s when I put an order for one cup of mixed flavors ice cream and kopyor flavor instead.

When I read a bit on somebody else’s blog on her experience here, she said that you would have to wait for a while before you can actually enjoy the ice cream. Well, the ice cream came in a classic plastic cup with a small spoon attached upon a holder. Wow, that’s new for me but for the fans since the 1950s, that’s something that they see for many years now I warrant.

Tjanang 2

And yes, when I opened the lid, the ice cream was thoroughly frozen but you can actually skim off the top of it little by little after waiting for a while. On the process, I actually enjoyed it and you won’t be running out of ice cream in a while like other modern stuff you have nowadays.

The flavors are no-joke as I said earlier. I always fancy the kopyor for drinks but I found the ice cream version is also good. My wife’s trio flavors of avocado, chocolate (with a chip), and vanilla was also a formidable choice. I’d like to sort other flavors as well but apparently I am needed elsewhere in an instant that day.

I can say it’s pretty much a nostalgic experience even for a beginner like me but it does feel timeless with Tjanang for their business. They still make the ice cream like a lot when I saw the inside of the fridge and I bet that there are people out there who still enjoy their ice cream from time to time.

With a rather hefty price of IDR 11,000 per cup it was worth the experience and I would like to suggest all of you to visit it sometime and support them to survive. We all need to support our iconic eateries in Jakarta and without them, we won’t have a history to be proud of.

I am just hoping that one day, Tjanang would open its doors like the old-fashioned ice cream parlor such as Ragusa for instance and ready to take over again the F&B scene in Jakarta. Even if it’s a wishful thinking, I don’t care.


Suitable for vegetarians

Jalan Cikini Raya no. 50, Jakarta – Indonesia

Opening hours:
Daily, TBA


2 responses to “Iconic: Ice Cream Palace Tjanang”

  1. Novani Nugrahani Avatar

    Ini di sebelah mana sih Rian? Kalau belok dari jalan raya Cikininya patokannya apa?

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      Kalo dari TIM kan belok kanan kalo mau ke Gado Gado Bonbin. Nah ini pas belokan banget di sebelah kiri. Ada papannya kecil bgt. Duh ga nyangka deh. Hehe.. Es kopyornya enakkkk. 😀

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