Venture Concierge: Bandung – Your Special Oleh-Oleh (Venture Travel Magazine, Oct 2014)

Your trip to Bandung will never complete unless if you bring oleh-oleh for family back home. Here is the assorted list of our favorite choices and for you to try as well.

As a city designated for tourism, everything in Bandung becomes more vibrant than ever. Aside from the sprouting resorts, hotels, restaurants, and places of interest; the oleh-oleh shops become an integral part of the city as well. Among so many, we decided to squeeze it into our four latest favorites overlooking both the old guards and something new for you.

Bandung - Oleh Oleh 3


Jalan Bawean no. 4, Bandung
+62 22 420 5471

Staying faithful since it first appeared in 1946, Bawean – or formerly known as Sweetheart, has always been my favorite. Classic choices from mocha tart, lapis malang, nougat tart, and the most stunning piece of art – the chocolate wafers shaped like gold bullions are the must-try here.

Quite recently Bawean just opened their brand of restaurant as well still nearby the original shop. The prices may be a bit premium for Bandung but the pride, the standard, and the classic values are something to be held that high.


Bandung - Oleh Oleh 1

Floating Market Lembang
Jalan Grand Hotel Lembang no. 33E, Lembang

Passing by the floating market part of Floating Market Lembang, you will certainly not miss this banana cake shop that sells quite similar thing with the world famous Tokyo Banana. The spongy soft cake in banana shape is another interesting choice of oleh-oleh from Bandung – or in this case, Lembang.

The banana came in the same shape but different coating of flavors. They came in packages so it’ll be both convenient for you to share on your trip back or as oleh-oleh.


Bandung - Oleh Oleh 4

Jalan Kemuning no. 20, Bandung

Prima Rasa is the powerhouse of oleh-oleh shop from Bandung, peered directly from the likes of Kartika Rasa or Amanda. I remember in the 1990s that it used to be a small and charming classic cake shop in a quiet neighborhood.

Quite surprisingly since almost a decade ago, it has been transforming into one of the best oleh-oleh shop in Bandung and attracting so many visitors and small businesses alike. Its take on brownies and other affordable yet flavorful cakes are the among the must-not-miss list whenever you came to the city.


Bandung - Oleh Oleh 2

Jalan Sesko AU no. 20, Lembang
+62 22 2784 4749

Lembang may be known for its tahu susu (milk tofu) shops, but Tahu Tauhid is clearly the biggest among all in tofu competition there. Started modestly as a home business, this tofu mogul has been expanding itself within the past few years and become the icon of Lembang itself.

The production line is an elaborated one and therefore even if a throng of tourists and tofu enthusiasts are coming, they can still efficiently serve everyone and as you return home, the juicy fresh tofu coming from the best soybeans will clearly color your palate as you drench it with sambal kecap.


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Photography by Dennie Benedict & Rian Farisa

People Behind Food: Alvaro Sanchez – Master Roaster of Toby’s Estate Singapore

Alvaro Sanchez

Meet Master Roaster Alvaro Sanchez of Toby’s Estate Singapore who happens to be one of the main muscles behind its success.

Some time ago he’s in Jakarta to support Canteen Jakarta initiative of partnership with Toby’s Estate Singapore and if you are a fan of coffee, get that chance to taste the famous Panama Geisha and Yirgacheffe Konga beans there!

By the way he went through the length to explain me about so many coffee production processes that I even just heard about. It’s all very geeky but well, that’s coffee and we adore it a lot.

Jakarta, Indonesia – #peoplebehindfood


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Special Section – Our Indonesia: Pempek Abing (The Foodie Magazine, July 2014)

Finding it hard to find a decent pempek in Jakarta? Give it a good start from Pempek Abing, nearby from wherever you are.

Love is all that you feel whenever you see pempek. It comes simple, packed with flavors, and suitable anytime of the day.

At times you might encounter the generic version of pempek around the neighborhood, sold by traveling vendors for a thousand rupiahs a piece. It might be cheap but it doesn’t come from real fish as pempek should be. Usually, the cheapo type uses more tapioca flour with a little bit of fish to make it smell real, but the texture and the taste will not be the same.

Pempek Abing - Pempek 3

Better, or should we say – real version of pempek that involves suitable fish from tenggiri (wahoo) to the exquisite belida are usually sold from home businesses and in real restaurants, especially back in Palembang – the city where all the legend began. In Jakarta, we found one of our favorites nearby the city center at Jalan Casablanca.

However, there’s no need to go far for good pempek with reasonable price at Pempek Abing. Although it has seen better days back when Jalan Casablanca was still reasonably congested and with greenery around it, but the past few years events transformed the street into a chaotic state where people would rather pass it by quickly and not stopping unless for malls. But that was never the case for Pempek Abing with its loyal fans.

Most interestingly, Pempek Abing has a good amount of pempek varieties. Aside from the usual kapal selam or adaan type – which we are more than happy to create a glossary about the types for you dear readers, it also has tekwan, bulat, and even the ones with tofu as well.

Pempek Abing - Pempek 1

Looks may be deceiving but pempek is actually considered a delicacy. Imagine having the good deep-fried fish cake with spicy kuah cuko (lit. vinegar soup) and with refreshing diced cucumbers and dried shrimp powder on it. Something that you may take lightly from presentation can become so rich and intense with flavors. For these, Pempek Abing is more than just a good start.


Jalan Prof. Dr. Satrio no. 275, Jakarta – Indonesia
T: +62.816.1630.186


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE July 2014 edition

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