Staycation: Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers – Bandung, Indonesia (Starwood Hotels & Resort) (Venture Travel Magazine, Oct 2014)

The long standing, classic Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers has just recently completed a huge transformation and Venture decided to unravel new mysteries from its new, rejuvenated charms.

I remember the time when Sheraton Bandung starts their operation in the 1990s. It was the time when there were only less than a handful of five-star hotels in the city, or if by my knowledge that time, perhaps it might only be Sheraton. Finally the defining moment came as I decided to give this wonderful hotel my fourth visit and the first one with its new look.

Sheraton Bandung 3

Sheraton Bandung is conveniently located upon slopes of Dago. While many hotels are now competing nearby the city center, it is perhaps only Sheraton who dared itself challenging the hegemony from uphill. Its short distance to the city’s natural places of interest is also one of the advantages. The route further uphill from Sheraton Bandung leads to the national park – Taman Hutan Raya Ir. H. Juanda, a golf course, spots overlooking the city and also the recently discovered Tebing Keraton. The city center also is highly accessible and it’s easy to reach the shopping centers like Jalan Dago or Jalan Riau from up here as well or even the landmarks of the older part of Bandung further down.

What actually impresses everyone with the current state of Sheraton Bandung is the transformation they have undertaken quite recently. While the classic facade of the buildings is still maintained, the style is drastically changed – bringing the up-to-date style and an uplifting mood with it, quite in contrast with the 1990s style with what I would call as the ‘hunting lodge’ style with wooden color and relaxing mood.

Upon entering the lobby, you can clearly see how impressive Sheraton Bandung has become now. The new color tone and furniture choice freshen up any weary traveler coming to the hotel, while the intricate blue crystals on the ceilings brings an inexplicable commanding yet majestic aura in the lobby. Further in the back, the newly designed lounge gives away the same characteristics as well, but the best part of this section is the balcony overseeing the green valleys of Bandung.

Sheraton Bandung 1

Feast, as its flagship all-day dining restaurant, now serves even more colors on the buffet tables. During one of my encounters with Starwood’s high ranking chef Mr Lamberto Valdez, he explained to me that Sheraton Bandung now adapts serious change with its F&B choices. Not only that he put his Mexican touch with a special section of guacamole and tomato salsa, the rest become pretty serious as well with choices of fresh sushi and sashimi, carving table, bottled fresh juices, and the grilling section. Feast is also peered with Samsara as the hotel’s signature lounge right in the lobby and the new kid on the block, Toastina – Sheraton Bandung’s pastry and coffee house.

Describing the room may be the hardest part since Sheraton Bandung has embedded so many traits within its 156 guest rooms of any class. Not only that it is equipped with the most current, refreshing look of elegant taste with floral theme in line with the city’s nickname as Kota Kembang; each room experiences the natural light coming in all day and with different views as well – starting from the pool, the garden, and the lush greenery from the valleys. It is a guaranteed relaxing moment while staying here, especially when sinking in deep upon the Sheraton Sweet Sleeper Bed with its plush mattress, comfy pillows, soft blanket, and the duvet.

Sheraton Bandung 4

Needless to mention, Sheraton Bandung provides other facilities and activities as well. Upon its vast garden, which at times is frequently used for outdoor weddings, Sheraton Bandung built a special children’s playground and the prancing ponies to accompany the kids. Adults can enjoy their time as well swimming with the kids, keeping up the shape in the gym, and lastly, experiencing the all new Shine Spa and sauna.

With all these rejuvenated details ready to indulge you, it clearly becomes a best choice for those of you who decide to seek fresh air on the upper side of the city or a more adventurous holiday from the heights of Dago or even as far as Lembang. For that, the starting point starts here at Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers.



Jalan Ir. H. Juanda no. 390, Bandung
T: +62.22.2500.303



Featured in VENTURE TRAVEL MAGAZINE October 2014 edition

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Photography by Dennie Benedict


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