Quikskoop™: Gahyo (2014)

For years, I originally considered that visiting established Korean restaurant would be exclusively about splurging. However my second encounter with Gahyo shed a light that Korean food is after all something that we can enjoy everyday to your heart’s content. Here’s why!

Gahyo 2

As perhaps one of the pioneers of Korean cuisine in Jakarta, Gahyo always finds its way to satiate foodies and the aficionados of Korean food, not to mention also the expatriates. Once arrived, you can tell that it’s always cheerful and warm inside with patrons busy conversing in Japanese and Korean while the staffs are dedicating themselves to give the best for the customers.


While everything feels the same like my prior visit sometime around two years ago, I found out that the service is still efficient and the staffs are highly knowledgeable about the products. From the small servings of the all-you-can-eat panchan or the Korean-style side dishes that comprises of so many things, you can ask them one by one and they did give a satisfying answer. Be sure to not miss the Korean omelette and the highly refreshing kimchi. If you’re still up for digging it, don’t bother to ask because the staffs will fill them up right away.

For the mains, here’s where the ‘problem’ actually lies. You can always opt for the budget way by ordering the a la carte dishes such as the bibim bab, jabchae, or yukkejang only BUT you’ll be missing the splurging lane by enjoying the finest from Korean cuisine – the exquisite beef grills!

Gahyo 7 Gahyo 9 Gahyo 5 Gahyo 8

Having the grills in a Korean restaurant is an absolute must-try experience especially when in Gahyo, who happens to have so many options for you to try. You may have to splurge a bit but who would dare to resist sweet temptations coming from teuk seng galbi (prime boneless rib), bul galbi (marinated short rib), and even the wooseol (beef tongue) and the delicious teuk yang (beef intestines).

When Koreans are talking about beef, it’s all about the best from it. So prepare to indulge yourself with the sexy marbling, the juiciness that came after the grilling, marvelous marination, and the immaculate dipping sauce. Don’t forget to wrap the beef with salad and to also have that grilled garlic afterwards to achieve maximum pleasure.

Dolsot Bibim Bab
Dolsot Bibim Bab

The sidekicks came so real and undoubtedly delectable as well. My wife particularly enjoyed her share of dolsot bibim bab or the Korean-style nasi liwet. Well, let’s face it, we all love to be served with something as nutritious and fulfilling like this right?

Sam Gae Tang

The healthy chicken soup came beautifully as well. While some may refer it as ‘ayam obat’ or medicinal chicken dish from Chinese cuisine, it indeed meant to be like that as well in Korean cuisine. The samgaetang came in complete with mild but tasty soup, well cooked chicken, and real ginseng in the soup.


Lastly, the yukkejang came in to complete the deal. This reddish noodle soup may seem fiery, but if compared to Indonesian spiciness level, it’s actually very mild. But we did get a refreshing chili taste from it as well as good condiments that came with the soup such as the veggies and the beef.

Hence, ladies and gentlemen, it was another satisfying moment for me clearly and now I can rest easy because Korean food feels more approachable after I have seen to many alternatives to enjoy it and Gahyo is a hospitable place to start with its prime service, good quality food, and plenty of options to try. Well done!



Halal-friendly (alcohol is served, but pork only in Kelapa Gading branch)
Suitable for vegetarians


  1. Galeria SCBD, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53 Lot 6
    T: (021) 5289 7044
  2. Sport Mall Kelapa Gading, Blok A 26-27
    T: (021) 4587 6626

Opening hours: Everyday, 11am – 11pm



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