Special Section – Our Indonesia: Ma’ Uneh (The Foodie Magazine, July 2014)

Ma’ Uneh has been pleasing Bandung with her original recipes she created since five decades ago. Now, people from out of town wouldn’t miss a chance to visit her restaurants while in Bandung. If you haven’t, now is the chance to get to know her recipes.

Ma' Uneh 1

Sundanese cuisine may appear simpler if compared with Padangnese – especially from the quantity of spices used, cooking techniques, and the coconut milk factor; but once cooked properly, everyone will know which one is noteworthy and not.

While a straightforward, clean taste is what that defines Sundanese cuisine generally, an old eatery that goes with the name of its first owner Ma’ Uneh devised their traditional recipes by understanding all of the flavors from sweet to spicy and not limited only to savory which the Sundaneses are fond of naturally.

Ma' Uneh 3


Ma’ Uneh (or in English, Grandma Uneh) started out modestly back in the 60s with only selling lotek and rujak. As time went by, people demanded Ma’ Uneh to whip out more variety on the dishes and she started at once by experimenting from the simplest such as fried eggs and now up to meat and seafood.

My personal favorite until this day is their magical fried beef tripe, beef lungs, and the unique haremis (locally found freshwater clams). Have it altogether with rice and raw vegetables, but mind you that the sambel is rather fiery. However you’d be amazed at how this combination can whet your appetite. What’s left probably is to add the usual fried tofu or tempe. Well, that’s all you need with Sundanese stuff!

Ma' Uneh 4

With a vast array of menu numbering around 30 options already available since early morning, find out also that Ma’ Uneh has some non-mainstream dishes from the haremis as mentioned above, stir-fried banana hearts, and also fried ikan impun (guppy) from local freshwater source.

Now, the third generation of the family bears the responsibility to continue what Ma’ Uneh started many years ago. So for first timers, be sure to visit Ma’ Uneh first ever restaurant inside Terasana alley, just a shy away from Jalan Pajajaran.


Jalan Terasana no. 132, Bandung – Indonesia
T: +62.22.420.2568


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE July 2014 edition

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Photography by Dennie Benedict


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