Taking It To The Streets: Mie Ayam Yunus (The Foodie Magazine, June 2014)

It’s hard to ignore mie ayam if we’re discussing about Chicken and Egg in this issue. That’s why The Foodie Magazine brings you to a legendary eatery down in Tebet to enjoy one of the most celebrated street foods.

Mie Ayam Yunus 2

The commanding presence of Pasar Tebet becomes a magnet for many street vendors, hawkers and even restaurants. This one particular part within the vast Tebet residential neighborhood has become the business district that draws the attention of so many Jakartans and at times you will find difficulty even just to park your car.

Some prosper and some may not, although the businesses are still within the proximity of influence that this market possess, however I’d like to think that this specific eatery is what makes the market becomes popular as well.

Mie Ayam Yunus 3

It all started many decades ago from just a mere pushcart, but in time Pak Yunus was finally able to seize the opportunity to set his business permanently just nearby the market and his mie ayam bakso business flourished. During our visit, I was impressed by the big capacity his place has and the swiftness of the service. Well, we were lucky that we came early before dinner but I bet with so many staff that he has, it will be no problem at all even during lunch rush – the very time Mie Ayam Bakso Yunus said to receive the largest flock of hungry customers.

Mie ayam has actually become a staple dish that Indonesian people consider as the equal substitution from rice. It’s easy to be found anywhere, cheap, and also fulfilling. On the streets, you may find that the taste of the marinated chicken may be different than Pak Yunus’, but for me, it’s a good change once in a while.

Mie Ayam Yunus 4

You can opt to add bakso (meatballs) onto the mie ayam, preferably the bakso urat (mixed with tendons) to kick in some crunchier texture. Or if you love bakso that much and wanted to put the noodles out of the picture because of diet or something, you can always choose to have their bakso ayam or the soupy meatballs with marinated chicken.

Mie ayam is after all a controversial issue because people will always think of their best version they ever had somewhere and I do have mine as well for that. However, to think that there’s always room to explore for this well-loved dish means that everybody deserves a chance, even for random pushcart you’ll find by the street side anywhere.

Mie Ayam Bakso Yunus is clearly a great example of how business can survive with sheer willpower and good management, but from a foodie point-of-view, it does also serve great mie ayam with a distinct taste of marination found on the chicken, al dente noodles, and decent bakso. Give it a good try and see whether Mie Ayam Bakso Yunus, after all this time, is what you have been looking for to challenge your status quo.


Unsuitable for vegetarians

Jalan Tebet Barat Dalam VIIID no. 1, Jakarta – Indonesia
T: +62.21.7094.5363

Opening hours:
Everyday, 9am – 9pm

Spend: IDR 15,000 – IDR 25,000 / person


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE June 2014 edition

Download it for free here via SCOOP!

Photos by: Rian Farisa


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