Kahvehane: Crematology Coffee Roasters

My aperitif was a really good cup of piccolo back at Crematology before we kicked off my first ever gathering with Zomato quite some time ago. It was a no fuss gathering where we mingled with the rest of Zomatoers and with the co-owner of the coffee shop himself, Mr Elliot Davernas over good meals and coffee.

I have to say that I immediately became a bit shy in front of this new crowd, and that was so unlikely for me. I thoroughly enjoy my days as a journalist and meeting up new people, but for reasons unknown, I was a bit reserved that day. Nevertheless, Elliot amused me with great talks on coffee and how the coffee culture now rules the culinary scene in Jakarta.

The fact that Elliot started his career completely not in F&B business before was very intriguing, because it was the exact same thing that had happened to me as well. On how we transformed ourselves into true foodies, that’s where our chemistry really kicked in and off we started the geeky, nerdy talks on coffee and being a Swedish, on how it is there as well.

Crematology 2

By the way, the meals in Crematology were commonplace like you would find in other hipster coffee shops all over Jakarta and Bandung, however, I enjoyed the nice quality from the salmon salad, the pasta, and the desserts as well. I always treat coffee shop as a place to just have a good light meal and a cuppa but apparently, you can outmatch your stomach growls while here. So bottom line is, it’s a must to have a brunch or lunch for me another time!

I was also thankful with the good arrangement done by Zomato because basically it’s also a good reason to introduce myself to this place. Even though I pass around this neighborhood like once or twice every week but for some reason, the lack of parking space for all the restaurants in Jalan Senopati is something that hinder me to stop (plus the fact that the valet parking fee is rather exorbitant, don’t you think?)

Crematology 3

So anyway, I’d like to visit again this place sometime soon, perhaps by taking a good walk from Pasar Santa after lunch to chill down a bit with its fantastic espresso. I’d love to have another shot of brewed black beads again, Elliot. Thanks for having us!


Some menu are suitable for vegetarians

Jalan Suryo no. 25, Jakarta – Indonesia

RSVP: +62.21.7278.0012

Opening hours:
Everyday, 7.30am – 12am (Mon-Fri), 9am – 12am (Sat-Sun)




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