Cover Feature: A Good Reason To Gather – with Tabula Rasa (The Foodie Magazine, Sept 2014)

For the first time ever, Indonesia will have its very first feature film about food. While everybody is now waiting anxiously for the premiere, The Foodie Magazine snatched some of the crew to do something fun. Let’s take a look!

In an era where the whole world shares all the excitement about food and culture, Indonesia certainly does not want to be left behind. For the past few years, many have worked hard to discover and promote so much about food; from the people behind it, the art, the recipes, the trend, the revival of traditional values, the discovery of street food and fancy restaurant scenes, or anything culturally related to it.

But, there are also those who translate food into a motion picture like in documentaries, or in reality and cooking shows; but for a feature film, LifeLike Pictures’ Tabula Rasa will be the very first in Indonesia.

Tabula Rasa 1

The film features a familial interaction and drama but is centered in Minangnese cuisine, local wisdom, and also nothing short of philosophical approach as well. The realistic and humanistic approach in the story was woven masterfully by creative young minds through in-depth research from Sumatra to Papua for a whole one-and-a-half year to fully grasp the cultural background for each character and the whole story as well. Altogether with a mixture of experienced and fresh, yet talented cast, it is certainly a movie that every foodie in Indonesia can’t afford to miss at all.

It is a great honor for us as well to be able to devise an interesting collaboration with the crew of Tabula Rasa for our firstever print edition this September. So on a rainy Monday afternoon, we all gathered up and had a hearty lunch together over mouthwatering meals from the movie itself.

Tabula Rasa 2

The three dishes that Chef Adzan Tri Budiman prepared were Gulai Kepala Ikan Kakap, Rendang Daging Tabaciak, and Dendeng Bakar Batokok Lado Mudo. Clearly you can see the happy faces from producers Sheila Timothy and Vino Bastian, director Adriyanto Dewo, and the main stars Dewi Irawan and Jimmy Kobogau.

So, be sure to hit the cinemas on September 25th for the premiere of Tabula Rasa!



Director: Adriyanto Dewo
Producer: Sheila Timothy, Vino G. Bastian
Cast: Jimmy Kobogau, Yayu Unnu, Ozzol Ramdan, Dewi Irawan
Culinary Advisor: Adzan Tri Budiman, Reno Andam Suri


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE September 2014 edition

Download it for free here via SCOOP!

Photos by: Dennie Benedict
Tableware by Jenggala
Location: Red Piramid


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