Confessions of a Foodie: Ade Andrini (The Foodie Magazine, May 2014)

Showbiz personality and multi-talented lady, Ade Andrini, shares with us her guilty pleasures, which she enjoys in-between her busy days. She cannot get enough of this special dish. And that’s the rice, ladies and gentlemen!

Living a really busy showbiz life doesn’t mean that Ade Andrini can easily skip meals. One sunny Jakarta afternoon, we met at a leafy restaurant in the southern part of town that she currently manages. When we arrive, we catch her enjoying her chicken and rice dish for lunch.

After a brief introduction, quickly she said to me, “Make no mistake, I love rice very much and the thought of not having it even for a single day makes me faint. But I have to keep up my figure, since it is part of my career.” That’s why she had to share some of the rice with her friend who shared the same table with us. During light days, she would finish a whole bowl of rice at a favorite local restaurant with her bestie Tracy Trinita, a well-known model and actress.

Ade Andrini

Despite her soft spot for rice, she appears trim and slim. Even her friend swore that he never sees her gaining weight knowing full well that she is a real foodie. “Lately, I have been rather busy being a presenter for so many events, but during free days, I’d go around with my friends to eat!”, she said admitting also that she could eat five times a day whenever she visits Makassar, a famous destinations for foodies.

Andrini, as everyone calls her, started her career as a TV presenter, she later on starred in several soap operas and even does some modeling. “I remember that my first role as a TV presenter paired me with Anjasmara. From there, my confidence grew and my efforts always lead me to the right place,” said Andrini who at one phase of her career even tried out being a singer. Her current venture now stars her as a presenter of a fashion TV show on Indonesia’s latest English language TV channel.

Through her journeys to so many countries, Andrini also discovers that a career in F&B is something that she excels as well and truth be told, restaurants under her guidance thrive and can cope well against the competition, especially for the one she’s running now.

I decided to dig a bit deeper to what she really likes about food and found out that during every journey she takes abroad, she would go to Japanese or Chinese restaurants because of the rice factor. “If possible, I’d ask for a plate of rice to go along with any Western dish I’m encountering, even for steaks!” she said honestly.

“Even so, I’m cutting some slack for this one particular restaurant on the mountaintop of a ski resort in Austria. I’d go there for the ribs whereas people are coming for the skiing!” she told us and our abrupt laughing brought cheer to the lunch we had that day.


Twitter: @adeandrini


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE May 2014 edition

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Photos by: Dennie Benedict


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