Halal-Certified Bakeries: Banjarmasin – South Kalimantan (per August 2014)

List of MUI halal-certified bakeries in and around the city of Banjarmasin as per August 2014 as sourced from Halal Corner and LPPOM MUI of South Kalimantan:

1. CV Arsila Bakery (Banjarmasin, Banjarbaru)
2. Banjar Harum Bakery (Landasan Ulin, Banjarbaru)
3. Sumber Agung (Martapura)
4. CV Barito Lancar Abadi (Landasan Ulin, Banjarbaru)
5. CV AMW (La Salsa Bakery) (Banjarmasin)
6. Perusahaan Roti Raghif (Martapura)
7. Ebe Bakery (Banjarbaru)
8. Arabica Bakery (Banjarbaru)
9. Varia Rasa Bakery (Banjarmasin)
10. CV Rahman Purnama (Banjarmasin)
11. Shireen Bakery (Banjarmasin – Banjarbaru)
12. AZ Express Bakery (Banjarbaru)
13. PT. Matahari Putra Prima, Tbk. (Duta Mall, Banjarmasin – Banjarbaru)

Additional information:

As per the inquiries made by the people of Banjarmasin regarding the halal status of Crystal Bakery, LPPOM MUI of South Kalimantan stated that Crystal Bakery has not yet registered its products for halal-certification (as per August 2014).


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