Cover Feature: Craving For Crustaceans – D’Cost (The Foodie Magazine, May 2014)

D'Cost 3

When first D’Cost opened less than a decade ago, many people were amazed at how affordable they made seafood even if it was served in a restaurant. This has made them extremely popular and as a testament to that, you may always have to queue to eat at one of their branches, now found in most cities in Indonesia. Yes, they have grown so huge!

D'Cost 2 D'Cost 4

Probably it’s just a personal soft spot but I suppose everybody will agree when it comes to the prawns at D’Cost. Be it my favorite grilled variety served with sweet soy sauce, the salted egg prawns or the fusion kind that involves mayonnaise and Indonesians’ favorite with saos Padang (Padangnese-style spicy sauce). The price gap of D’Cost compared with hawker stalls is very small, making it a reasonable option, plus the portions are also bountifully fulfilling.

D'Cost 1

Other crustaceans on the menu include bamboo crabs and the sought after soft shell crabs. You might not find lobsters or crawfishes, but certainly you will satiate your crustacean cravings. Be sure also to utilize D’Cost’s crazy promotions for your benefit, from their pay-as-you-like promotion to wedding promotion where you will only need to pay when the wife’s get pregnant! Fun and affordable!


Unsuitable for vegetarians

Cities across Java, Sumatra, Bali, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi

Opening hours:
Everyday – TBA



Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE May 2014 edition

Download it for free here via SCOOP!


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