How It Was Started: Martabak Toblerone and Martabak Nutella (Martabak 65A)

Around last year, Jakartans were developing some sort of intense madness towards a spin-off of the usual martabak recipes and that was because of the use of Toblerone or Nutella as the alternate toppings.

During my coverage for The Foodie Magazine last November, I instantly received the revelation right away from the owners of Martabak 65A. Danniel, the second generation owner, actually confessed that initially they were about to shift into delivery business after Eid last year.

Martabak Pecenongan 65A 3

“We have bought two motorcycles and learn the know-how of delivery business, but I decided to give it an earlier start for our new recipe using Toblerone and Nutella”, said Danniel.

In no time, the innovative recipes soon drove Jakartans mad and one may queue for around two hours just to get their share of martabak. Thanks to Danniel’s activity on social media promoting about it, even more people came by to see the mythical creatures themselves. While you might be on the conservative side for martabak, it’s actually interesting to test a new angle with the concoctions – especially when that involves the legendary Toblerone, Nutella, and also Skippy.

Martabak Pecenongan 65A 1

“Perhaps by now, the motorcycles are already blanketed with dust”, said Danniel laughing about it.


Martabak 65A
Jalan Pecenongan no. 65A, Jakarta
T: +62.21.350.4081

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7 responses to “How It Was Started: Martabak Toblerone and Martabak Nutella (Martabak 65A)”

  1. Bama Avatar

    I introduced martabak manis to my best friend from Hong Kong and successfully made him fall in love instantly with the sweet treat. Now I have another reason to ask him to come to Jakarta again only to try this martabak with Toblerone and Nutella!

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      Great to hear that! Even they have the Skippy and Ovomaltine versions now. Give it a try for yourself too and let me know. 😀

  2. cindykn Avatar

    They changed the recipe. It’s thicker so it can accomodate a thick slab of Nutella and Toblerone chunks. The tastes for the martabak itself is somehow blander now. Because I prefer to eat the original version, this has become less desirable for me.

    1. Rian Farisa Avatar

      Well, I guess everyone eventually returns to the original flavors eh? 🙂

      1. cindykn Avatar

        I am talking about the original version, not original flavors. The original version is no more. Ever since they come up with these new flavors, they make the martabak thicker now (maybe it has to be that way to accomodate the new fillings) and the taste of the martabak itself is
        somehow blander.

      2. Rian Farisa Avatar

        Usually the owner himself who does the concoction for the batter. Well I wonder why. Accomodating new fillings is one thing but every famous martabak stalls know that the secret always come from tge batter.

  3. cindykn Avatar

    It’s a secret that is not. You are thinking, “That doesn’t make sense”. Well, yeah. A few years back, I had a casual conversation with the guy preparing the martabak. He told me that he could teach me how to make this martabak. Imagine that! If he could mention this to me, he probably told the same thing to everyone one too!

    Maybe it’s not the martabak people are really after. It’s the actual experience of going that place, queueing up and seeing your martabak being made there. It is the purchase experience more than the actual taste itself. You can easily make brownies better than Amanda brownies, but you have to wonder why they don’t sell as well.

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