Modern Mexican Kitchen at Bengawan, Keraton at The Plaza

Perhaps some of you remember how sensational the last year’s Mexican treat by Chef Lamberto Valdez, back in Bengawan – Keraton at The Plaza. It was a delightful 10 course lunch where the chef personally oversaw and shared us his two cents about Mexican food. From start to finish, we were made astonished for the full five hours and thanks also to the great company, it was probably one of the memorable lunches that I ever had.

To settle in first with how Mexican it was, you can check my last year’s posts here and here.

As time went by, apparently, Chef Lamberto Valdez was promoted as the Culinary Director of the Starwoods hotels in Indonesia – CMIIW. I was actually met him personally and accidentally, during a breakfast last month in Sheraton Bandung and I was utterly impressed that for a local hotel, Sheraton Bandung has added interesting elements in the menu that you may not find anywhere else. Of course, leaving his marks, Chef Lamberto shared his Mexican flairs as well there.

However, what made me feel even gleeful is the fact that Bengawan of Keraton at The Plaza has finally fully incorporated these Mexicano flairs as well in the menu. From the daily serving of Mexican treats in one corner for buffet lunch and dinner, the restaurant also provides a full range menu and dedicated selections for the brisk, business lunch for IDR 150K.

Sopa de tortilla
Sopa de tortilla

During one of those bloggers meetings, I had a really good lunch reenactment moments with Chef Lamberto’s meals and I started of course with his famed sopa de tortilla, creamy and crunchy but at the same time but one might want to steer away from the Mexican chili if you’re not ready, otherwise it would be a really ‘good’ surprise!


The highlight of the meals came from the finest guacamole in Jakarta, thanks to the beautiful concoction and of course, because of the use of Hass avocadoes – ‘the wagyu of avocadoes’ as I often tell everyone about how majestic these creatures are. I simply asked for more and more of guacamole to appease my cravings alongside the sour cream and the tomato salsa.


For the main course, I finally got to meet delicious selections for quesadilla that involved chicken and beef steak with it or the fajitas with hanger steak. But perhaps, what I was actually curious about are the tacos. For Indonesians, perhaps it would be best to have the usual flour tortilla because of the familiar taste but if you want to try the real Mexican – then the corn tortilla is the answer.

Pinto beans
Pinto beans

Despite the authenticity, you might experience a bit dryness and bitterness with the taste, which I cannot offer you the peer-to-peer comparison to you as of this moment. On a lighter note, the meat selections were actually excellent and rich in flavor as well. You can choose from carne asada, the chicken, the lamb birria, or the vegetarian course for this one.



Cinnamon Sugar Churros

To seal the deal, the choco-flan never fail to satisfy me, but I’d definitely recommend you to try Chef Lamberto’s take of churros complemented with three great sauces of goat’s milk caramel, white chocolate sauce, and the mango compote. It’s a modern touch of Mexican I must say but when you see the track record of the chef, you’d really want to give it a good try and of course, we need more Mexican food as well in town. Thanks to Bengawan, we all have something new to try and to talk about!

Menu details for Modern Mexican Kitchen >> here


Halal-friendly (ask if there’s alcohol or pork incorporated with the dishes)
Suitable for vegetarians

Keraton at The Plaza
Jalan MH Thamrin 15, Jakarta – Indonesia
T: +62.21.5068.0000

Opening hours:
Everyday, all-day dining

WebsiteFacebook | Twitter | Instagram

Spend: IDR 150,000++ / person for Business Lunch


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