Cover Feature: Our Favorite Ice Cream Flavor (The Foodie Magazine, Apr 2014)

We at The Foodie Magazine are avowed chocoholics, so we scoured the streets of Jakarta to find the best chocolate ice cream there is. Now, let’s see which one becomes your favorite!


Created by the molecular gastronomist, Ronald Prasanto, the ice  cream shop boasts of experimental ice cream flavors and scientific tweaks. Get ready to queue if you happen to visit during the weekends!

Grand Indonesia – West Mall 5th fl, Jakarta – Indonesia | +62 21 9878 2192 | | Twitter: @ronslaboratory

The Breakfast
The Breakfast

Inspired by his childhood breakfast favorite, Ronald created this gelato that consists of milk and cream but added with a generous dollop of Nutella to give that richer taste. Additionally the ice cream is also showered with cornflakes, thus resembling our favorite cereal breakfast.

Ultimate Dark Vader
Ultimate Dark Vader

Not wanting his customers to just experience the stereotypical taste found in other chocolate ice creams, Ronald uses 70% local
dark chocolate mixed with Valrhona for this flavor. By that, he wanted to give a hint of elegance but something that everyone could also afford.

Red Velvet
Red Velvet

As one of the most famous flavors at Ron’s Laboratory, Ronald has given this formulation special attention since the beginning. He specifically uses medium roast chocolate powder he acquired from a chocolate supplier for the basic ingredient and presents the ice cream with a syringe fully loaded with cream cheese, as inspired from hawker’s ketchup bottles.


LIN will always be known as the first liquid nitrogen ice cream parlor in Indonesia and has a relaxing ambiance to spend your weekend having an ice cream treat. Their latest ice cream creations that involve chocolate as we featured here are definitely not to be missed.

Jalan Taman Kemang I no. 6, Jakarta – Indonesia | +62 21 7179 4393 | | Twitter: @linicecream

Milo Dinosaur
Milo Dinosaur

While it is more known as a much-loved beverage for both children and adults, LIN also adapts it in the form of ice cream and features it as one of their latest creations. As for the rest, LIN relies upon the richness of the milk and cream to make it wholesomely delicious.


The luscious hazelnut chocolate flavor from Nutella is successfully adapted by LIN and it became a wonderful addition for the rich array of LIN’s finest ice creams. Not only that, this flavor is also combined with crushed Marie Regal biscuit to give the crunchy texture.


The duo of best friends, Gupta and Primo, started their home ice cream business for delivery just last year but they’ve quickly amassed popularity and already distribute their products to as far as Bandung. Currently, Eskimomo is only serving online order and ready for delivery around Jakarta.

Jakarta: +62 81 2858 77334 // Bandung: +62 85 9742 10637 | | Email:

Choco Mint Cookies
Choco Mint Cookies

The delicate taste coming out from this particular flavor comes from an inspirational combination of dark chocolate with a hint of
fresh mint alongside cookie crumbs. Therefore, the flavor of the ice cream feels elegant while also refreshing and colorful.

Choco Orange
Choco Orange

The invigorating orange tang from this milky chocolate
ice cream comes from a great combination of citrus and candied orange peel. With a combo like that, surely you can imagine that chocolate ice cream alone will never put you in a state of boredom anymore.


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE April 2014 edition

Download it for free here via SCOOP!

Photos by: Dennie Benedict


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