Confessions of a Foodie: Billy Oscar & Luissa Luvania (The Foodie Magazine, Apr 2014)

Partners in crime, Billy Oscar and his wife Luissa Luvania, share how food fuels their passion and colors their life together.

My encounter with Billy Oscar was somewhat of a different experience because most foodies that I have met before come from related professions like chefs or restaurateurs, or even food bloggers. However, Billy works in finance and has no related job whatsoever to F&B aside from his virtual social media persona on Twitter and Instagram, sharing his gastronomic adventures.

Billy Oscar 1

Initially, Billy shared his explorations on food through Twitter, using @soalperut or literally translated as “about tummy” as his nickname. Later he also became known through his Instagram account. “Why do I use @soalperut as my nickname? Well, we have other ‘soal’ or ‘abouts’ in music, love, and others. As for me, this is all solely about food!” explained Billy.

While we waited for his beloved wife to arrive and join us, we continued to indulge ourselves with conversations about the social media life he has gone through so far. Billy remarked his keenness to implement the ‘blue ocean strategy’, as inspired by what Steve Jobs did in the past, to further improve his personal brand. “I have put some thought to it, how to do it and it will be something related to the personal branding of restaurants and café, but not solely about food”, said Billy still keeping the rest of his thoughts yet to be unveiled in time.

Soon, we welcomed Billy’s wife, Luissa Luvania. Caca, as people would call her, has the bubbly personality in contrast with the calmness of Billy. However, when it comes to food, both of them share the same spirit that of explorers of the New World and often they hop from one place to another trying to sample different flavors and discovering new things.

When asked about their favorites, Caca answered right away, “Billy likes coffee a lot but I prefer my iced chocolate. For desserts, I’d choose mille feuille from Social House and panna cotta from La Luce” as Billy then continues, “In that case, I vote for Gaia’s tiramisu!” For Caca, having those luscious desserts is one thing, but her infatuation lately with the delicious puffs from Beard Papa’s is what she likes the most and she even admitted that her boss has caught her eating the puffs almost every day at the office!

Well, both of them may have their own preferences when it comes to food, but at the end of the day, they enjoy their bowl of ramen at their current favorite joint Ikkudo Ichi, since apparently noodles have always been their favorite staple dish that glued them together.

Through his social media accounts, Billy successfully tempts everybody energetically with intriguing food shots and with some style put into them. While he appears like a slim guy, he practically ravishes everything in his path, leaving nothing but his wonderful trails as seen through his timeline. At the end the day, for Billy, nothing could ever beat his family time with Caca and their little boy Kenzo during the weekends as they move around the city having a good time together over something delicious, as always.


Twitter: @soalperut
Instagram: @billyoscar


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE April 2014 edition

Download it for free here via SCOOP!

Photos by: Dennie Benedict


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