Culinary Events July 2014 & Ramadhan 1435 H


JULY 2014 & RAMADHAN 1435 H


Please note that some of the events may serve alcohol or non-halal ingredients.
Discretion is advised for those who have restrictions on dietary and belief.

Schedule is updating everyday!




Jl. M.H. Thamrin 59, Jakarta – Indonesia

Sana Sini Restaurant

Pullman Jakarta Indonesia once again sets Sana Sini Restaurant as the ultimate dining destination in Jakarta. During this holy month of Ramadan guests may celebrate break fasting at Sana Sini Restaurant with family, friends and business colleagues, savoring a sumptuous buffet including authentic Egyptian cuisine specially prepared by guest chef Yehia El Nahas from Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah. The break fasting buffet is available at Rp 395.000 nett per person including coffee, tea and tajil.

Chef Yehia El Nahas
Chef Yehia El Nahas

Unwind to the tunes of Marawis and qasidah in the evening hours followed by live religious pop musical performances every day. The highlight of the break fasting is the live cooking stations from Indonesian, Western, Japanese and Chinese kitchens along with a range of Egyptian dishes such as lamb ouzi, shawarma beef or chicken, oriental mezze, tajine, oriental sweets, umm ali including Arabic coffee.

Idul Fitri Hampers are available at Makaron Bakeshop from small, medium and large size with the price starting from Rp 660.000 nett including palm dates, nastar, 5 kinds of macaron, pineapple jam and meringue for the small hampers. For medium size, we offer Rp 990.000 nett including palm dates, nastar, kastengel, lapis legit, pineapple jam, 5 kinds of macaron, traditional tea, assorted cookies and also meringue. While the large hampers are available at Rp 2.200.000 nett including palm dates, nastar, kastengel, snow white, 6 kinds of chocolate praline, 5 kinds of macaron, traditional tea, dendeng balado, assorted cookies, apple sparkling wine, lapis legit, pineapple jam and meringue.

Pullman Jakarta Indonesia - Kebab

Tajil is served at Le Chocolate Lounge, Kemixtri Gastro Bar, Makaron Bakeshop, and Kahyangan Shabu-Shabu and Teppanyaki Restaurant starting Rp 85.000++.

For more information and reservation, please contact +62.21.3192.1111.



Jl. DR Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung  Kav. E.1.2 No. 1& 2, Jakarta – Indonesia

Sailendra Restaurant

Known for having the best buffet in town, the culinary team at Sailendra Restaurant has prepared a large spread of authentic Turkish dishes such as Izmir Koftesi (beef dumpling in tomato sauce), Lahmacum (Turkish pizza), Mahmudiye (braised chicken with dried fruits) and Karides Guvec (Shrimps casserole with tomato and mushroom).

JKTJW - Chicken Casserole with Okra

While enjoying your iftar, you will be serenaded with Marawis music, accompanied by charming performance of sufi dance. Savor this enticing Turkish feast including ta’jil and free flow of non-alcoholic beverages, with price starting from Rp. 338,000++ / person.

For more information and reservation, please contact +62.21.5798.8888.



Kota BNI, Jln. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1, Jakarta – Indonesia

SATOO Restaurant & SATOO Deli

For the Idul Fitri and the holy month of Ramadhan, Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta offers a range of feast and hampers.

Executive Sous Chef Yusuf Yaran, presents an exotic combination of extensive range of international dishes with Middle Eastern dessert at SATOO from 28 June to 28 July 2014, perfect for Iftar dinner.

Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta - Sultan Hampers
For guests who prefers to break their fast with something light, the hotel’s Lobby Lounge offer a Ramadhan Delight Afternoon Tea that feature a three-tiered snacks and finger food with scrumptious options including US Beef & Enoki Rolls on Rye Bread, Lamb Confit Turnovers with Yoghurt Sauce, Walnut Baklava, Fresh Berries Tartlet and dates. The Ramadhan Delight Afternoon Tea set is available from 28 June to 29 July 2014 for Rp. 185,000++ per set. While enjoying their tea, guests will be entertained with live traditional Arabic music that will set an exotic Middle Eastern mood to the ambiance.

Three types of hampers with sophisticated packages and a range of Hari Raya-themed delicacies will be available to order as a perfect way to share the spirit of the holiday.

The Tasbeh hamper is packaged in an elegant green case that features a chocolate bar, macaroons, baklava, chocolate walnut brownies, spicy nut, Indonesian cookies, dried fruits and chocolate praline.

The Crescent hamper is packaged in a sophisticated round case and offers honey, sparkling juice, dates, macaroons, assorted Indonesian cookies, chocolate pralines, spiced nuts, Lapis Prune, baklava and cheese straws.

The Sultan hamper uses a light green suitcase packaging and includes a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, dates, dried fruits, assorted Indonesian cookies, baklava, date cake, macaroons, spiced nuts, sparkling juice and olive oil.

Idul Fitri hampers are available at prices starting from Rp1,300,000+

For information and reservations, please contact the restaurant’s reservations desk at +62.21.2939.9562 or access the website at



Jalan M.H. Thamrin, Jakarta- Indonesia

Cinnamon Restaurant

MOHJ - Ramadhan 2014



Pavilion Apartment – Retail Arcade, Jalan KH Mas Mansyur Kav. 24, Jakarta – Indonesia

Harum Manis - Ramadhan 2014



Elicxir - Ramadhan 2014



Jalan Pecenongan Kav 7-17, Jakarta – Indonesia

Shanghai Storm & Buzz Restaurant

Daily, 28 June – 27 July 2014, Shanghai Storm

Delicious and modern Chinese treats served Uniquely halal during the holy month of Ramadhan Break your fast with set menu delicacies and enjoy complimentary ta’jil.

IDR 98,000 ++ per set menu

Daily, 28 June – 27 July 2014, Buzz Restaurant

Serving authentic Indonesian and Middle Eastern cuisines Featuring the best of the both worlds cuisine from Alila’s signature dining venue “buzz”.

IDR 190,000++ per person

For reservations and enquiries, please contact us at + or email:


Pictures courtesy of each establishment


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