Quikskoop™: Dolce Moovina

This one is indeed an overdue post but it would be a shame to not share about it. The spirit is to share whenever possible regardless how unimpressive the experience was, as long as I got an ample reserve with the images taken there.

Well, Dolce Moovina was not necessarily categorized as a disappointment but I certainly was hoping for more. As a tenant, they occupy two floors in this probably one of the most expensive shopping malls in Jakarta and back then they have two cuisines concept, French and Italian.

Dolce Moovina 2

Certainly, judging from the name now, all that remains is the Italian but they do have a vast array of choices from the antipasti, insalata, cold cuts and cheese, pasta, pizza, and secondi dishes.

Again, since this is a long, overdue post, I’d like to share things that I could remember. The opener was a delightful bruschettas of three toppings – tomatoes and basil, roasted veggies and rosemary, mushroom and thyme.

Dolce Moovina 3

Heading next would be the mains and the selections are pretty enticing and well-made. I guess my real problem was that I got bored in the middle despite a really good, tasty start from the dishes. The pan-seared fish was moist and delectable but European way of presenting textures on a dish can only do so much back then. The lasagna was a pleasant experience as well but again, I got stuck in the middle. On another occasion, the grilled rib-eye was interesting but the inedible fats were making it hard to eat and what’s left was only a smaller part of edible flesh.

Dolce Moovina 4 Dolce Moovina 5

The ending was nice however, especially when it comes to melted chocolate. Personally this is a dessert that I deem always fit for any situation.

Overall, I was content with my dining experience and hoping that Moovina will do something innovative with its Italian cuisine to make refresh everything and entice the people to come in, thus bringing its heyday back again.


Halal-friendly (alcohol and pork are served here)
Some menu are suitable for vegetarians

Plaza Indonesia, 3rd & 4th floors, Jalan MH Thamrin Kav. 28-30, Jakarta – Indonesia

Opening hours:
Everyday, mall opening hours

RSVP: +62.21.2992.4567

Spend: IDR 150,000 – IDR 250,000 / person


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