Quikskoop™: RM Khas Sunda HM Nana

So many years ago, when Puncak Pass was the only way to reach Jakarta from Bandung, my dad usually took us to stop by at this restaurant for lunch during one of those family trips to Ancol. It was a moment of delight whenever I’m here because what more can you ask for lunch other than Sundanese stuff?

A few months ago, a landslide that obstructed the toll road between Jakarta and Bandung and that brought us to revisit again the old route that was once flourished many years ago. Upon reaching the town of Cianjur, where I usually dropped by to also buy some bika ambon or mochi, I decided to take my in-laws for a lunch at this restaurant.

RM Khas Sunda HM Nana 2

I cannot tell where the position is exactly originally, but I remembered that we had to park the car behind the restaurant and that there’s a small road just on the side of the restaurant to reach the lot. Well, that’s a good lead to start!

We eventually found it with ease and accompanied by the drizzle and the cool mountain air, I enthusiastically entered the place.

RM Khas Sunda HM Nana 4

The Sundanese dishes were already laid out on the table and plenty to choose from chicken, beef, fish, stinky beans, jengkol, lalapan, and many more. Ask them to fry the chicken fresh and have it with warm rice and a good sambal and you will do just fine. The restaurant already feels a bit old but cleanly kept and with occasional cool breeze coming in from outside, it felt as if I’m home already in Bandung.

RM Khas Sunda HM Nana 3

Although nowadays you will find another restaurant that may serve better food but you cannot beat the atmosphere here. Its traditional kitchen on the back was filled with people who smile at everyone that passes them by even though they’re busy working. The cool water ran through my hands when I was washing them clean before and after the lunch. Not long after that, still in the middle of this blissful solitude moment outside of the restaurant while enjoying the rain, I witnessed a bakso pushcart waiting for the customers to come and warm themselves up with a bowl of good noodles and meatballs.

Well, call me whimsical but when you can appreciate these small things, you’d want to linger longer there and enjoy the rain until you fell asleep.


Some menu are suitable for vegetarians

Jalan Ir. H. Juanda no. 66, Panembong, Cianjur – West Java, Indonesia

Opening hours:
Everyday, TBA

T: +

Spend: IDR 25,000 – IDR 50,000 / person


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