Culinary Events June 2014


JUNE 2014


Please note that some of the events may serve alcohol or non-halal ingredients.
Discretion is advised for those who have restrictions on dietary and belief.

Schedule is updating everyday!



Sana Sini Restaurant – June 17 – 22, 2014

Jarad Gallagher, a Seattle native, began cooking at the age of five alongside his chef father. As a Sous Chef at nineteen and Executive Chef at twenty-one, Gallagher refined his natural skills at cooking at a young age. He has a strong passion for French cooking and took intensive training classes at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and London.

Pullman Jakarta Indonesia - Chef Jarad Gallagher 1

This led to Jarad obtaining work at the acclaimed Bras Restaurant in Laguiole, France. He then went on to work at Michelin starred restaurants Michael Mina, One Market and Plumed Horse before moving to his current home Chez TJ in San Francisco, California.

California is a food haven with a wealth of fresh products on offer but Jarad Gallagher says he is looking forward to exploring Jakarta’s spice markets because, “They are recognized as some of the best in the world!”.

He is arriving in Indonesia early in order to discover Jakarta and source local fresh ingredients from markets and farmers to use in his special menu for guests and the Sana Sini Restaurant. His basic culinary style is French but his techniques are influenced by what he describes as the “Northern California style” that “focuses on local, seasonal and when possible more emphasis on vegetables,” explains Gallagher.

The delights outlined in his blue print menu include for lunch: Sashimi of Yellowtail with Seaweed lemon and radish, followed by Puffed beef tendon served with asparagus and pickled quail egg and charred onion or a Rack of lamb with chicory crust, homemade yogurt with mint, honey and brittle. For dessert is Passion fruit soufflé served with milk chocolate, basil and soil.

For dinner there is the addition of Sweet corn ‘Pot of Earth’ with shrimp, mozzarella and chili as well as Spanish octopus served with forbidden rice with candied fennel and cilantro.

Jarad Gallagher is the first in a series of Michelin star chefs who will be invited to cook at the Sana Sini Restaurant. Pullman Jakarta Indonesia has gone through an extensive renovation of its rooms and public facilities over the last eighteen months and General Manager Philippe Le Bourhis says, “We now want to show the new face of the hotel”.

By welcoming chef Jarad he adds, “We can highlight our western kitchen with new Earth and Ocean signature dishes from California.’

For more information and reservation, please contact: 
Pullman Jakarta Indonesia – Jalan MH Thamrin 59, Jakarta
RSVP: +62.21.390.6444


Pictures courtesy of each establishment


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