Foodies Lists: Hyde (The Foodie Magazine, Apr 2014)

Kemang new eatery, Hyde, features talented young chefs behind the kitchen and a cool place to chillax, just a few steps away from traffic jams and the noise.

For Jakartans, Kemang is simply priceless. It’s probably one among a
few neighborhoods in the city where you can walk around to shop and dine like as if you were in Kuta or Seminyak, freed from from the air-conditioned shopping malls, and hopelessly hoping for some fresh air in return. Not saying that Kemang is an ideal place for an easy walk like that thanks to the small sidewalks, the overly busy streets, and especially the humidity but Jakartans should be thankful nevertheless.

Hyde 4

While shops, pubs, and restaurants compete over the hegemony on the main streets, one particular new restaurant vows to rule over Kemang’s culinary scene from the quieter side of the neighborhood. Yes, like most Londoners who would take refuge at Hyde Park from the busyness of the capital, the safe haven philosophy is also adopted by this restaurant known by as Hyde, the mononym of the famous park itself.

Hyde 2

Inside the quiet Jalan Taman Kemang, Hyde appears more like a Greek-style restaurant with its whitewashed walls and large windows, although not surrounded by the blue Aegean Sea. Inside you will be welcomed first by an island bar encircled by different themes of dining areas with greenery ornaments on the walls and convertible roofs, giving the extra spirit from the natural light. Moreover, finally you can enjoy your hang out time with ease on the alfresco dining section at the fore of the venue.

From the kitchen, the creative minds behind Hyde are no other than young chefs, Ray Janson, Odie Djamil and Widarta Ryan. They work hand-in-hand to whip out sophistication on the menu with Ray’s French cooking techniques and Odie’s modernist desserts.

Hyde 1

In this chocolate issue, it would not be wise to rule out Odie’s fantastic dessert creations at Hyde. Take for example, his interpretation of Chocolate Soil. The Bailey’s chocolate mousse is covered with “dirt”, as a result of transformation of chocolate using maltodextrin and then places this inside a small pot with a micro herb on top of it. Other creations prepared by Odie that you can find here are such as chocolate and PB&J lava cake, sugar-apple butter honey bread, earl grey tea cremeux, and other stuffs waiting to be discovered by you.

Hyde 5

From the hot kitchen, Hyde prepares Asian and Western choices including the decadent 24-hour lamb shank with ratatouille, steaks, ribs, and delicacies from the sea. Also, Hyde’s signature burger consisting of mozzarella cheese with brioche buns, crispy onion rings, homemade sauerkraut, sunny side up egg, with a side of fries and garden salad, a killer combination that you must not miss while you’re here. As the night grows long, Hyde becomes a great place to socialize over good drinks and good music, but you can still feel the romance in the air. It is simply a good place for anyone, anytime.



Jalan Taman Kemang IA no. 8, Jakarta – Indonesia
Telp: +62.21.5610.3888

Facebook: HYDEKemang

Opening hours: 
Everyday, TBA


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE April 2014 edition

Download it for free here via SCOOP!

Photos by: Dennie Benedict


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