The Themed Pop-Up Dinner by Real Food Concept – Chapter 01 (OCEAN)

While restaurants may still be the actors who shape our F&B industry in many terms, we must also not neglect the role of visionary young chefs of immense creativity who are starting to challenge the status quo. One of the fews is those who valiantly called themselves RFC – Real Food Concept!

RFC 10

In this line of work, I started to appreciate the values of not only the taste of the food, but also the story from behind it all. The stories about the chefs, ingredients, techniques used, the experience and even the vision that started it all.

Now let us meet the trio young guns who are still in their 20s, vigorous who formed RFC – Real Food Concept with their themed pop-up dinner events.

The authoritative yet charming figure that commands the group is none other but Chef Arnold Poernomo. Hailed as the up and coming talent during his first ever public appearance (from my point of view) at Jakarta Culinary Festival 2012, he continues to amaze the public with not only by his appearance in MasterChef Indonesia as a judge, but definitely with his talent and experience he has amassed since he’s only 14 back in Australia.

RFC 14

His comrades-in-arms are two lovely young chefs each bestowed with their specific talents. The first one is the adorable Chef Talita Setyadi, a bachelor of music who can really play her contrabass really well, now turning as a pastry prodigy thanks to her study and devotion in this particular culinary field. By the way, she’s going to open her pastry shop real soon, so you’d best catch up with her all the time through her exciting social media posts.

The last but not least is the cool Chef Angela Stasia, the owner of Marylebone premium catering service. As a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu London, she helms a seasoned team that excels in bringing in the best for her catering customers from serving premium canapes to private dinners and weddings.

The first ever RFC concept dinner was themed Ocean and successfully held last month in April only for media. The trio chefs creations were centered in how to give in the best from seafood, unique ingredients, playful in texture. I was really excited to see how they devised their own, fresh interpretations with seafood and how promising the start was, especially when Arnold himself announced to us that this is a start for us all Indonesians to be proud with our talents and creativity.

For the food, while only the desserts came solely from Talita’s creation, the snacks up to the mains were equally divided between Arnold and Angela. These were the treasures I unearthed during my frutti di mare expedition with RFC:


Arnold’s tuna and roe were like when you’re experiencing an easy day by the beach, taking a nap upon a hammock, while listening to the sounds of waves and the seagulls. It was mellow but rich in experience. Meanwhile, Angela’s interpretation of escabeche was adventurous and dynamic. The fish was boldly flavored and even she puts in the edible “sands” in-between them, thanks to the  molgas technique of using maltodextrin.

RFC - Chef Arnold's tuna, roe, jalapenos, and anchovy mayo
RFC – Chef Arnold’s tuna, roe, jalapenos, and anchovy mayo
RFC - Chef Angela's escabeche with kaffir lime, turmeric foam, and savory sands
RFC – Chef Angela’s escabeche with kaffir lime, turmeric foam, and savory sands

Heading here, I have to give an immense credit for both the chefs with their fabulous inventions on how to mix and match so many ingredients and it all came with a beautiful plating. Chef Arnold’s decision to mix the richness of foie gras mousse with the fatty tuna slices was the real highlight of my dinner. Meanwhile, Chef Angela’s sea consomme was colorfully designed and appetizing every senses that I have. The taste was complex and yet satisfying.

RFC - Chef Arnold's tuna belly, foie gras mousse, caviar, yuzu, and soy sauce
RFC – Chef Arnold’s tuna belly, foie gras mousse, caviar, yuzu, and soy sauce
RFC - Chef Angela's sea consomme with scallops, octopus, shrimp, clams, and sea urchin
RFC – Chef Angela’s sea consomme with scallops, octopus, shrimp, clams, and sea urchin

Chef Arnold returned with more of his Japanese-y seafood interpretation and he combined shrimp and chicken here, while Chef Angela decided to sous-vide beef ribs for 24 hours and combined it with a really tasty squid ink gnocchi.

RFC - Chef Arnold's poached chicken, sweet shrimp, ebi, cauliflower puree, and dashi
RFC – Chef Arnold’s poached chicken, sweet shrimp, ebi, cauliflower puree, and dashi
RFC - Chef Angela's squid ink gnocchi, beef ribs, squid, red wine, and bok choy leaves
RFC – Chef Angela’s squid ink gnocchi, beef ribs, squid, red wine, and bok choy leaves

Finally it’s time for Talita to impress the audience and she did it so superbly. Talita decided to present her desserts in a way that people would think that it’s a seafood but in actual, they are the real closure of this intimate and full of joy dinner.

RFC - Chef Talita's spinach 'nori', vanilla rice pudding, baked pumpkin palm sugar caramel, and coconut pandan puree
RFC – Chef Talita’s spinach ‘nori’, vanilla rice pudding, baked pumpkin palm sugar caramel, and coconut pandan puree

The first one was her interpretation of maki where she wrapped it with a spinach nori and filled it in with vanilla rice pudding. She uses also palm sugar caramel as the “soy sauce” and coconut pandan puree for the “wasabi.

RFC - Chef Talita's dulse seaweed ice cream, Valrhona Caramelia and saba ganache purple sweet potato, raw cacao liquor, canary nut crumble, and lime foam
RFC – Chef Talita’s dulse seaweed ice cream, Valrhona Caramelia and saba ganache purple sweet potato, raw cacao liquor, mung bean crumble, and lime foam

The second dessert was the one that received so many “oooh” and “yum” from the audience. Her seaweed ice cream was unique and powerful, but it received great compliments from the mung bean crumbles and Valrhona Caramelia with saba ganache purple sweet potato.

RFC - Chef Talita's charcoal brioche, squid ink ice cream, honeycomb, black rice, black quinoa couscous, black sesame puree, and black sea salt
RFC – Chef Talita’s charcoal brioche, squid ink ice cream, honeycomb, black rice, black quinoa couscous, black sesame puree, and black sea salt

The last one, she decided to take us on a tour deep inside the dark ocean with her interpretation of “Depth”. Everything felt dark from the dessert but that doesn’t mean the flavor gets bitter as well. There were brioche made into charcoal colored crumbs, couscous made from black quinoa, sweet honeycomb, and the brave squid ink ice cream. That’s a really bold move there!


It feels like a bright future of Indonesian culinary world has finally unveiled itself with the appearance of these young guns. In time they will turn to become more mature and way more creative than now, and that’s why we should never overlook this kind of progress despite the pros and cons of people would say about them.

Instead, supporting the cause would even be something that ignite not only these fellows’ progress but also incites the talented rest who probably now remains unnoticed. The mission for RFC is after all, to bring Indonesia to the next level and the culinary world is a one, great start for the country and its fine citizens. Thank you for the great show, RFC!


Real Food Concept
RSVP: +62 812 10113601
IG: @realfoodconcept
Venue for RFC dinners is to be held at:
1/15 Coffee
JL. Gandaria I No. 63, Jakarta – Indonesia
Ph: +6221 7225678
Uncredited photos were taken by The Gastronomy Aficionado

Halal Facts: Syarat Pengurusan Sertifikasi Halal Untuk Restoran

Halal MUI

Bagi para pemilik usaha restoran, berikut adalah beberapa persyaratan dasar untuk pengurusan sertifikasi halal yang perlu diketahui dan dipersiapkan.

Khusus untuk wilayah Jakarta, silakan menghubungi langsung LPPOM MUI yang bertempat di Jalan Proklamasi no. 51 -Jakarta, di nomor telpon +62.21.3918.917 untuk informasi lebih lanjut.

Persyaratan pengurusan sertifikasi halal:

  1. Administrasi Formulir Rp. 150,000
  2. Pas foto ukuran 3X4 sebanyak dua (2) lembar untuk Pemilik.
  3. Foto kopi KTP satu (1) lembar untuk Pemilik.
  4. Foto kopi KTP satu (1) lembar untuk Karyawan (Internal Auditor).
  5. Lampiran daftar menu.
  6. Lampiran bahan baku (dalam kemasan).
  7. Foto kopi pembelian sertifikat halal ayam & daging (yang masih berlaku).
  8. Daftar bahan baku untuk semua menu.
  9. Matriks bahan untuk setiap menu.
  10. Foto kopi sertifikat halal produk yang lama (untuk sertifikasi pengembangan/perpanjangan).
  11. Manual SJH untuk perusahaan baru atau Revisi Manual SJH untuk perusahaan yang telah memiliki Sertifikat Halal (jika ada).
  12. Foto kopi status SJH atau Sertifikat SJH (untuk perusahaan yang telah memiliki Sertifikat Halal).
  13. Peta lokasi dapur/gerai (untuk dapur/gerai baru).
  14. Daftar alamat-alamat dapur, gerai, dan gudang (milik sendiri/sewa).
  15. Daftar produk konsinyasi (jika ada).
  16. Foto kopi sertifikat halal atau komposisi bahan pada produk konsinyasi yang dibuat oleh produsen (jika ada).
  17. Profil perusahaan (untuk perusahaan baru)
  18. Surat Kementrian Kesehatan.
  19. NPWP.
  20. Domisili.

Persyaratan Bahan dalam Sertifikasi Halal

  • Semua bahan (bahan baku, bahan pembantu, dan bahan penolong) yang digunakan harus memenuhi standar halal bahan.
  • Bahan yang berupa intermediate atau raw product tidak boleh dihasilkan dari fasilitas produksi yang juga digunakan untuk membuat produk yang menggunakan babi atau turunannya sebagai salah satu bahannya.
  • Perusahaan yang menerapkan pengkodean bahan atau produk harus  dapat menjamin traceability (bahan, produsen, status halal). Pengkodean juga harus menjamin bahan dengan kode sama berstatus halal sama.

Standar Bahan Untuk Sertifikasi Halal

  • Tidak mengandung babi atau turunan babi.
  • Tidak mengandung minuman beralkohol (khamr) dan turunannya.
  • Semua bahan dari hewan (bukan ikan/hewan yang hidup di air) harus dari hewan halal dan disembelih sesuai aturan Islam (dibuktikan dengan sertifikat halal MUI atau dari lembaga yang diakui MUI).
  • Tidak mengandung bahan haram seperti bangkai, darah dan bagian dari tubuh manusia.
  • Pembelian ayam, daging, hati, dan tulang  yang berlogo Halal Registered.


Sekretariat LPPOM MUI
Gedung Majelis Ulama Indonesia
Jl. Proklamasi No. 51 Menteng Jakarta Pusat
Phone No. + 62 21 3918917
Fax. No. +62 21 3918915

Maya’s Musing: An Energy-Packed Steak Salad (The Foodie Magazine, Mar 2014)

Upon hearing that this issue was all about beef, our dynamic chef Maya Aldy decided to pay homage to this sacred ingredient by composing something fresh and colorful. When it comes to what Maya cooks, she never forgets to make it healthy but also luscious.


The Foodie Mag - Maya's Musing - Steak Salad 1
Chef Maya Aldy

I have always been a meat lover and I love to cook it anyway I can. Often I pan fry the meat or roast it, but one technique that I like so much is to simply grill the beef. From small cuts of meat to big chunks, I have no problem with it because ultimately, it’s all delicious. I mean, who doesn’t like beef?

Before heading to somewhere healthier, I just want to share with you my favorite kind of steak. Back in New York, I used to go out to the butcher and would buy a good rib eye – preferably somewhere around 300 grams. Then I would come back home and head to the roof to grill it. There, I would throw the meat on a super high heat flame grill and after it has charred on both sides, I simply put it aside for a slow cook session on a lower heat. After that, you have to rest it on the plate before you cut into it. You’ll see that the heat incorporates well, and the juices are sealed inside. It’s so heavenly! I think I am drooling as I write about it now! Haha! The beauty of it is although you see it all charred black outside but it’s actually medium inside. All I need is some good mustard, a pinch of salt and pepper and a nicely composed salad. With a full-flavored steak like that you won’t need anything else!

Phew! Enough for that now and let’s head back to something nice as well as a substitute. I personally want to promote a clean eating lifestyle and of course, it has to be something that makes you feel good at the same time.

In this issue, I want to feature a salad recipe with a lean cut of beef as the main star. As for the rest of the ingredients, I toss in fruits and vegetables, you can pretty much put anything you can find in your fridge or buy something fresh from the supermarket.

First thing first though, I recommend you grill the meat to add that smoky flavor. Well, you can always pan-fried it or even do some slow cooking with olive oil but the thing is if you grill it, the deeper the flavors will be. Then put in some orange, ripened avocado, beets, arugula, or any kind of greens that you like. To add to the symphony of textures, simply crush some roasted peanuts and cashews.

Well, there you have it, a clean and healthy lunch packed with omega 3, antioxidants, and the nutrients that you need. Add sauce to the salad if needed, or a glass of fresh juice to make it an even more energizing meal.

How does that sound? There’s always a wonderful way to savor the beef, right? Not only is it easy to do, it’s also packed with flavor and on top of that, it’s healthy too!

Grill ‘em up and give it a try, guys!




Serves 1 large tart tin

The Foodie Mag - Maya's Musing - Steak Salad 3


  • 80-100 gr       Lean steak – tenderloin or rump
  • 30 gr                  Salad leaves of your choice (arugula, watercress,                                           lettuce, romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce, etc)
  • 1 pc                     Ripe Avocado
  • 1 pc                     Orange
  • 1 pc                     Beetroot
  • Roasted nuts of your choice (cashew, peanut, or pistachio)
  • Simple dressing (mustard, lemon juice, or olive oil)


  • Heat the grill or pan.
  • Season your meat with salt and pepper, cook to your liking and set aside.
  • Prepare your salad, mix in the avocado chunks, orange slices, and the roasted beets with your simple dressing and season with salt and pepper.
  • Slice your beef diagonally.
  • Prepare your chilled plate, put the salad mix in the center of your plate.
  • Place the sliced beef on top.
  • Drizzle some dressing to taste.
  • Sprinkle some crushed nuts over for some texture.


Health benefits from eating beef:

  • Lean beef provides 64.1% of the daily value of the nutrient in just 4 ounces, thus it becomes a very good source of protein.

  • Beef is also a good source of vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, but it’s low in fat and that reduce the risk of colon cancer.

  • Lean beef is a good source of zinc and selenium. If came from grass-fed beef then it is higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, which have been found to reduce risk of heart disease.

  • Additionally, beef is also rich in phosphorous and iron.


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE March 2014 edition

Download it for free here via SCOOP!

Photos by: Dennie Benedict

Cover Feature: Let Them Eat Steak! (The Foodie Magazine, Mar 2014)

Before Holycow! Steakhouse, Jakartans never talked about wagyu. Now, whenever wagyu is mentioned, Holycow! Steakhouse immediately comes to everyone’s mind. Yes, they are the main cause of the wagyu frenzy in Jakarta in the past years. The Holycow! story is a mixture between hard work and brilliant initiatives. The owner, Afit Purwanto, shares with us their ingredients of success.

As a marketing officer for one of the biggest local TV stations, Afit Purwanto had the privileges of entertaining clients and taking them out to fine dining establishments. He and his team would also be able to sample the finer things whenever they finalized big deals with their clients. It was during these meals that Afit started to visit premium steak houses around Jakarta.

‘My first affair with wagyu was incredibly passionate. I just couldn’t wait to tell my wife about how good it was , I really enjoyed this wondrous meat’, expressed Afit remembering his virgin flight with some of the most expensive beef in the city. His wife, Lucy Wiryono, simply just asked him, ‘What is wagyu anyway? I’ve never heard about it!’

‘Well, wagyu was rare back then and no supermarket sold it yet. Until finally we found a meat shop which did’, said Afit. From here, the small happy family treat themselves to grilled wagyu once in a while and Afit even started to cook it from time to time for family events. ‘Everybody enjoyed it and gave praises. They ultimately told me to start a business instead!’, he said.

From here, the couple agreed upon a bold idea to open a steakhouse specializing in wagyu. This was of course to differentiate themselves with other steakhouses and also to introduce wagyu to everyone. ‘We wanted to share the enjoyment of having wagyu with everybody but also in an affordable way’, said Afit stating the real mission behind Holycow! Steakhouse.

Chef Afit Purwanto
Chef Afit Purwanto

Afit resigned from his job and used his bonus to start a roadside warung. ‘In order to make it affordable, we only take a little profit from every wagyu sold but we’re keeping up with the quality as well’, shared Afit and continued by Lucy, ‘We started it modest and with a thorough research for an exit strategy should we ultimately fail. On top of that, we also want our employees to be paid decently and on time. Thankfully everything went well and we got through our deadline!’

The couple’s strategy to utilize social media was a pivotal decision. ‘Since the beginning, we offered both wagyu and non-wagyu steaks and people share between themselves to taste the difference. Later they shared their experiences through Twitter’, said Afit.

Within a relatively short period, Holycow! Steakhouse has become a darling for many Jakartans who want to enjoy their steaks for lunch, dinner, and even for midnight breakfasting during Ramadhan month. The steakhouse also issues several initiatives to attract more patrons like giving away free wagyu for those who celebrate their birthdays or a buy-one-get-one promo for certain days of a week.

Aside from the noble ideas to share wagyu to everyone and perseverance through modest profit margins, educating people has also been a specific goal for the steakhouse as well. Afit further elaborated, ‘At first we were only introducing the prime cuts and after we felt our patrons became more explorative, we decided to add secondary cuts to entice our patrons to be adventurous with their meat!’

One simply cannot deny the immense growth of this steakhouse. Several outlets in Jakarta and Yogyakarta have become the proof of success of once a modest roadside warung. Further, Afit even opened different concept restaurants involving seafood and Japanese-style steaks using his unique approach in business.

From how it looks, the couple may be enjoying the fruits of their labor now, but with Afit’s endless creativity and Lucy’s faithful support, we’ll see more of their interesting initiatives in the future. So for now, stay tune and enjoy the steak!


Follow Holycow! Steakhouse Twitter account at: @steakholycow


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE March 2014 edition

Download it for free here via SCOOP!

Photos by: Dennie Benedict

[Infographic] Twenty Movie Snacks From Around The World (by Lemonly)

Aside from your usual popcorns or nachos or overpriced cappuccino, if you know what I mean Indonesians, people out there have tons of other options when it comes to their movie snacks.

So, if you ever encounter these, which one will you choose?

By the way, enjoy your weekend movie marathons!

Lemonly - 20 Movie Snacks Around The World


Infographic by Lemonly