Foodie Flicks: Glasses (Megane) (2007)

Nobody beats movie director Naoko Ogigami when it comes to a lethal combination between a stylish directing, awkward characters, eclectic story, Zen tranquility found in the scenes, a touch of comedy and plenty of irresistible food!

Her previous movie of Kamome Shokudou was also unmatched when it comes to the art of direction, the food, and the comedy, but it was more like a city life back there. Just around a year later, Megane came up and upon seeing it, the film brought me back to the time when everything felt so peaceful in the past.

Megane 1

Well, the theme was certainly not historical, but it was more like a vacation movie but with a slow pace that only Japanese movies enthusiasts can only appreciate and it takes us to how simple an island life can be.

Taeko (Satomi Kobayashi) was at first reluctant to delve in deeper with the slow island life of characters that she met earlier but in turn she decides to enjoy life before her return back to mainland Japan as a busy bee again.

Here, people are fond of taking their time cooking breakfast – which I think becomes a rare thing to do now in city life; funny morning exercises, and enjoying the remainder of the day by relaxing on the beach, fishing, or having shaved ice dessert.

The philosophical thing found here is how to appreciate the time more and the film feels like asking people to enjoy life better, taking some time away from all the hustle and bustle even just for a while, and away from the cell phones. Mind you because at that island, you cannot use cell phone at all said one of the characters.

Again, Naoko Ogigami dazzled me so much with another of her fantastic direction and I heard there are other flicks she made already to impress her fans. It’s time to look for them then!

Fun Trivia: Can you tell why did the director title the movie “Megane” or Glasses in English? 😀


Megane 3


GLASSES (Megane) (2007)

Drool Level*** (looks yum!)

Director: Naoko Ogigami

Producer: Shuichi Komuro, Enma Maekawa, Hanako Kasumisawa, Seiji Okuda, Kumi Kobata

Screenwriter: Naoko Ogigami

Starring: Satomi KobayashiMikako IchikawaRyo KaseKen MitsuishiMasako MotaiHiroko Yakushimaru

Music: Takahiro Kaneko

Cinematography: Minebobu Tani

Genre: Drama, Comedy


Pictures taken from various sources.
Apologize for the redundant images of them having morning exercise. I hope you don’t mind. 😀


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