Quikskoop™: Fresco

Despite the rainy season, you cannot ask for a better afternoon to spend at Fresco by the iconic poolside of Hilton Bandung. That was the excitement I enjoyed so much during my weekend stay there. Lunch was the perfect time to enjoy both the blue skies of Bandung and the relaxed atmosphere there.

Then the rain came and the tranquil pool starts to make the familiar sound we often hear as the rain drops falls down on it. It was a sublime moment of ease but since I’m in a feisty mood on the contrary, all I need next is simply a great food and great company. Truthfully, we had both of it abundantly that day.

Fresco - Pool

Lately Bandung may not feel as cool as it was decades ago but still, its charm dazzles people from around the world and my Jakartans friends there.  So over cold drinks on this rainy season, I chose a plate filled with wonderful grilled Australian wagyu with sauteed spring vegetables with dauphinoise potato and mind you that despite a strong French persona found on this dish, I chose the traditional black pepper sauce to accompany it since the sauce has always been my personal indulgence.

Fresco - Drinks

My friends feasted over other wonderful choices such as the spaghetti alle vongole, king prawn linguine, pepperoni pizza, risotto arborio, and the surprisingly delicious pan seared sea bass with baby bok choy and clam chowder as the only Asian representative there.

Grilled Australian wagyu and spring vegetables with dauphinoise potato
Grilled Australian wagyu and spring vegetables with dauphinoise potato

My steak was thoroughly enjoyable and somehow reminded me with the previous pindang iga I had enjoyed a day before, right inside the kitchen of Hilton. After all, I am practically an avid meat eater and within the past few months I cannot resist the temptations of steak, partly perhaps because of all those beef articles I wrote for Foodie back in March issue.

Cheese cake fritters with vanilla ice cream and banana flambe
Cheese cake fritters with vanilla ice cream and banana flambe

The dessert was also splendid as I indulged my ‘cheesy’ tooth with Fresco’s cheese cake fritters served with vanilla ice cream and banana flambe. The rest of the gang served themselves with a good looking tiramisu and the indisputably delectable chocolate fondant. As much as I want the fondant again after a successful dessert back at the kitchen on the previous day, I decided to try something new and it did work well suitably to my liking.

Fresco - Kitchen

We had been treated well. Period. The hospitality and the food brought the best of our good time there but parting time has always been tough. Although that in truth I never had enough with Bandung and its charms, it’s time to leave for Jakarta again but Fresco gave the last memorable to touch to make it easier for me leaving this beautiful city behind.


Some menu are suitable for vegetarians

Hilton Bandung, Jalan HOS Cokroaminoto no. 41-43, Bandung – Indonesia

Opening hours:
Everyday, 5 pm – 10 pm (Mon-Thu), 5 pm – 12 am (Fri), 10 am – 12 am (Sat), 10 am – 10 pm (Sun)

RSVP: +62.21.8606.8888

Website: http://www3.hilton.com/en/hotels/indonesia/hilton-bandung-BDOHIHI/index.html

Facebook: Hilton Bandung

Twitter: @HiltonBandung

Spend: IDR 150,000 – IDR 300,000 / person


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