Grilled beef ribs with Balinese-style sauce and spices? This happens to be Astrid Enricka’s favorite when she took us for a guilty pleasure ride to Jalan Cibulan in Kebayoran Baru.

It’s interesting to see the emergence of young culinary enthusiasts who both excel as chefs or home cooks while also explorers of finer local or foreign cuisines. While achieving one of those may be too much for many, a young talent whom I had the opportunity to have dinner with sometime ago proved that she tackled those two aspects with ease but also happens to be a restaurateur as well!

The Foodie Magazine - Astrid Enricka 1

Astrid Enricka started her successful Acehnese cuisine restaurant almost a year ago and promoted ayam & bebek tangkap as the signature dishes, hence the name Atjeh Rayeuk or Aceh Raya given that the dishes came from that specific territory where Banda Aceh is located.

Upon reaching Sapi Bali, she quickly made a confession, “It’s only natural for me to love the ribs here. You simply can’t find anything like this anywhere”. Well, from what I saw, we can simply enjoy your usual steak for an affordable price here but with a touch of Indonesian style. It’s a good hybrid formula and a good choice made by Astrid because it’s indeed delicious, although the restaurant seemed to be underrated somehow.

By the way, I can see her enjoying the humongous ribs so much with warm rice and a plate of lawar – Balinese mixed vegetables with minced coconut.

When asked about her other favorite restaurants, she reminisced a bit about Pak Datuk – a Minangnese cuisine restaurant back in Riau. “I was born and grew up in Dumai and have gone places since I was a teenager, but I never found another Padang food as good as Pak Datuk’s!”.

Well foodies, you might want to write the name down and make sure to visit the place if you happen to be there.

Jalan Cibulan Raya no. 17A, Jakarta – Indonesia | +62.21.7278.6442
Sapi Bali Cibulan Djakarta


Featured in THE FOODIE MAGAZINE February 2014 edition

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Photos by: Dennie Benedict


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