Foodie Trailer: Pranzo di Ferragosto (Mid-August Lunch) (2008)

This might not be a film for everyone as it treads upon a relaxed tempo and features unpopular cast. However, what I really love about this movie is its honesty. There’s no non-sense here with its natural dialogues and events you’ll encounter in your daily lives.

The story is particularly about a middle-aged son who’s somehow pushed to bear a responsibility of hosting several elders while taking care his mother as well. The good thing is that he takes his responsibility seriously and enjoys his life also. This of course, thanks to food who again becomes a focal point for Italian people, in real life and in movies. Well, in one part we can see that Italy may not look so ‘la dolce vita‘ anymore but the film gives the country a renewed charm with the depiction of its society.

Full reviews will come sometime in the future alongside other delayed articles. I hope you do not mind waiting though! 😀


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