Let's Eat Magazine - Culinary Trends from Jakarta

Trends come in and out but Dominique Ansel’s famous
creation of Cronuts – a portmanteau of croissant and
donut, have been all the rage in Jakarta recently. Pastry
shops from restaurants, hotels, and even supermarkets now
serve Cronuts as a must-have item in their establishments,
much as red velvet cake and rainbow cake were all the
rage back in 2012.

Another hip thing in Jakarta, aside from the appearance
of more casual French restaurants and Spanish tapas bars,
is the fondness for anything molecular. yes, there are one
or two restaurants and several chefs who became the
ardent patrons of this technique, but what’s catchier is the
emergence of liquid nitrogen-based ice cream parlours in
Jakarta’s hippest malls around. The steamy process during which this ice cream is created draws a steady crowd,
and in just under five minutes, a scoop of ice cream
is freshly made!

2013 was also the year of udon. Although ramen
shops from Japan have appeared everywhere during
the past couple of years, people are getting into
udon instead nowadays, with its chewy texture, sweet
yet savoury soup, and showering of fresh scallions.
Do sample these exciting creations whenever you’re
in J-Town!


Featured in Let’s Eat Magazine Jan 2014 edition

Download the magazine here


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