The Foodie Magazine Issue 01 / Jan 2014 – Eat To Live

The Foodie Mag - Issue 01

Dear my readers,

Why am I keep forgetting to announce this?

Well, I have to apologize that the latest Foodie was finally published last week – a tad late because of the holidays I know but appeared gorgeously! Yesterday, I just published an article from the mag without even announcing the launch. Oh dear…

By the way, in this episode we discuss everything sporty and healthy as we featured deliciously healthy recipes, great chefs doing their sports, and a foodie celebrity we all know so well here in Indonesia.

Mike Lewis
Mike Lewis

Aside from that, don’t forget to see our trips for culinary refinements in Tokyo, Bali, Aceh, and other places – restaurants and hawkers alike – which will make you drool for sure and try our recommendations very soon. Guaranteed!

Gilles, Sezai, and Jordi
Gilles, Sezai, and Jordi

So stay tune for the next issue in February which of course, will be about romantic stuffs. It’s been exciting so far working on it and I’ll let you guys know with the updates soon. Don’t forget to download it for free from the links I provided below!


Rian Farisa

Sate Ayam Pak Muri
Sate Ayam Pak Muri


Download it for free here via SCOOP!



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