Foodie Flicks: Seagull Diner (Kamome Shokudou) (2006)

For some reason, Midori and Masako who ended up in Helsinki accidentally work together in a Japanese diner called Kamome Shokudou (or Ruokala Lokki in Finnish) owned by Sachie – the first woman who arrived in the city and started the business.

In the beginning, business was slow but the three women complement each other with their skills. Some people pass by the diner every day and show curiosity but none of them decided to stop by. Its first ever customer is actually a teenage anime geek who plays a vital role for the business growth. For that, he receives complimentary coffee anytime he comes around and get to sample Sachie’s cooking as well!

Kamome Shokudou 2

As time goes by, the three women encounter people around the town and interact with them in a funny, heartwarming way. Thanks to the stylish direction by Naoko Ogigami, Kamome Shokudou is certainly an eye-candy for those who love contemporary filmmaking that utilizes good shots with vivid colors, arty arrangements of each scene, and quirky scenario. For foodie, it’s definitely a must-watch!

However, compared with Naoko’s Megane in the following year of 2007, Kamome Shokudou is definitely less quirky and more adaptable for those who cannot bear Japanese flicks’ slow tempo.

Of course, both films have the same focal point – which is food, and Kamome Shokudou excels at that a lot! You’ll get to see great Japanese diner dishes but with a whole different feel. Well, that’s because it was shot in Helsinki!

For the trailer, do check this link:


Kamome Shokudou 1

SEAGULL DINER (Kamome Shokudou) (2006)

Drool Level: *** (looks yum!)

Director: Naoko Ogigami

Producer: Mayumi Amano

Screenwriter: Naoko Ogigami

Starring: Hairi Katagiri, Satomi Kobayashi, Tarja Markus, Masako Motai, Jarkko Niemi, Markku Peltola

Music: Tatsuro Kondo

Cinematography: Tuomo Virtanen

Editor: Shinichi Fushima

Genre: Drama, Comedy


Pictures taken from various sources


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