From Foodies, For Foodies: The First Issue of THE FOODIE MAGAZINE


I am pleased to inform my readers that our hard work for the past couple of months finally came to fruition.

The Foodie Magazine Issue 00 has arrived at last and we started with a simple theme – A Taste of Home.

What we want to present from this magazine is a foodie world where everyone can experience. We explore the daily lives of our beloved chefs, the human story behind our culinary legends, the tales of fantastic hawkers around the town, and other great adventures you can explore yourself.

The Foodie Magazine - A Taste of Home
The Foodie Magazine’s first issue – A Taste of Home

As a teaser, allow me to give you a small peek of our first issue’s content.

Foodie 2 Foodie 3

So, what are you guys waiting for? Check out for the download link down there and grab the magazine for free!

Also, stay tune for our upcoming editions!


Publisher: Bold Prints Publishing

TWITTER: @thefoodiemag
INSTAGRAM: @thefoodiemag

Download it for free here via SCOOP!

Featured image taken by Dennie Benedict

6 thoughts on “From Foodies, For Foodies: The First Issue of THE FOODIE MAGAZINE”

    1. Have to admit that Foodie is a catchy name and sounds more familiar for everyone instead of, for example, Exquisite or Epicure, which of course represents the content as well.

      But sometimes we don’t like catchphrases or anything that came up in the dictionary just recently right? Hehe.. 🙂

  1. The -ie or suffix is just stupid. Someone enthusiastic about food is called a foodie? So someone who likes cars should be called carie?
    If your hobby is computers, then you are a computerie.

    I thought your magazine would have a cool name like ‘Gastronaut’. Or the phonetic pun-inspired portmanteau ‘Gastronote’ (gastronomy + note/s) since it’s note(s) about gastronomy.

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