Flavor Updates: Chef Maya’s Toasted Marshmallow Pumpkin Pie (Otel Lobby, Jakarta)

Chef Maya's Pumpkin Pie
Chef Maya’s Pumpkin Pie

A few nights ago during our photo shoot for The Foodie Mag, Chef Maya presented us with a fantastic dessert after a really good meal. By the way, we had a really delicious turkey with its stuffings served as sides and accompanied by roasted whole tenderloin with truffle-infused mushroom ragout, glazed carrots, green beans with caramelized onions, sweet potatoes, and flavorful corn on the cobs. Of course, cranberry-apple cider sauce and turkey jus were there to give the extra kick for the festivity.

Back to the dessert, it was actually a surprise for us all and graciously, Maya herself served us each a slice of her perfectly made pumpkin pie with marshmallows topping and dulce de leche. It tasted unlike your usual pumpkin as it has a really balanced body, light on the inside but has a delicious thick crust, and top that all with a beautiful topping. I had a really, really great moment of savoring it.

All I could hear from everyone on the table was ‘Mmmmm..’, ‘Delicious!’, ‘Fantastic, Maya!’ and other genuine praises. I specifically thanked Maya for the wonderful dinner and let one remaining slice slide for my blogger friend, Ellyna. I decided not to overindulge myself with it. I believe that with what I had before will make me reminisce the pumpkin pie forever instead of having it too much.

Hopefully sometime in the future, I shall again experience the very same satisfaction with the pie! I haven’t asked Maya about this but it seems that the pumpkin pie is made by order or only available for this month only. You’d better check the availability and the price as well right away because I can guarantee that if you miss it, you’d regret it!

Price (subject to change): N/A




Phone: +62.21.2994.1324

Website: http://otellobby.com

Facebook: Otel Lobby

Twitter: @otellobby


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