Flavor Updates: Raspberry Cream Kronuts (Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta)

Mandarin Oriental Jakarta - Raspberry Cream Kronut 1

Beautifully presented and cleverly devised, it didn’t take long for me to ravish it right away. Among other cronuts, or the Mandarin Orientalists call as kronuts, it’s probably my first time having a season-related theme. Look at this beauty, the cream was layered neatly and complemented with leaves and colorful beads. I bet you wouldn’t want anything else presented in front of your family during the year-end festivities.

If you’re thinking that cronut is all about the topping or the hybrid concept between croissant and donut, then you’ll be forgetting about what’s really good inside – the cream filling! I have always enjoyed the vanilla cream filling, like they have with Beard Papa’s or the usual cronuts. But this time MO make it special as they infused their lovely kronuts with speculoos cream or the Dutch refers as speculaas – a really Indonesian-inspired flavor of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and other herbs that will make it both sweet and also fragrant. Divine!

Mandarin Oriental Jakarta - Raspberry Cream Kronut 1

So, best to not miss it while you still can (and while the cronut crave still going on). After all this raspberry cream kronut may only be available during December. Why miss it?

Price (subject to change): IDR 50,000 / piece




Phone: +62.21.2993.8820

Website: http://www.mandarinoriental.com/jakarta

Facebook: MandarinOrientalJakarta

Twitter: @MO_JAKARTA


Images courtesy of Mandarin Oriental Jakarta


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