Foodie Trailer: The Chef of South Pole (Nankyoku Ryourinin) (2010)

Chef Nishimura dishes up haute cuisine to the eight man crew of the Dome Fuji Station research base in the frozen no-man’s land of the Antarctic.

As the men carry out the mundane tasks of their communal isolation, they develop bizarre cravings or dress eccentrically and start to pine for home. Here, we focus on the much-anticipated meal times.

Chef Nishimura acts as a kind of surrogate mother to the disparate team members, seeking to constantly divert them from going stir crazy.

– Baseline StudioSystems

It’s unusual for me to quote other people’s summary, whoever this Baseline StudioSystems is, about this film but I found it very representative. The film offers a unique setting, a research station far in the South Polar, where the average temperature drops as far as -54 degree Celcius.

In that condition, one must remain to stay sane and it’s Nishimura’s job to keep the people living way stay at it with his love for cooking. The film features great dining scenes which will make you drool right away with Japanese cuisine and of course, the director made the story human as well.

Enjoy the trailer and you might want to look more than just that!


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