Dish That I Crave: Mie Ayam from Bakmi 99, Jakarta

I have to thank a faithful reader of my blog, Ms Lala from Skippin’ Troupe, for letting me know about her favorite mie ayam joint and I finally had the opportunity to give it a taste.

I came a bit late – 3 pm in the afternoon and completely famished. Lucky that the hawker’s still there but no bakso nor pangsit left. Well, I’m satisfied with it although I still find it hard to really substitute my sentimentality with Mie Ayam Yono back in Jalan Sudirman.

How about you? Got your version of great mie ayam to share? Lemme know! 🙂

Bakmi 99 - Mie Ayam
Bakmi 99’s Mie Ayam


Address: Jalan Ciniru (in front of Helen’s Patisserie, nearby Wolter Monginsidi intersection), Jakarta – Indonesia


2 responses to “Dish That I Crave: Mie Ayam from Bakmi 99, Jakarta”

  1. Yayyy.. you finally made it there. Really, you still fall for Yono’s cart over Ciranjang’s?! I gotta try Mie Ayam Yono soon then.

    1. Hahaha.. It’s a matter of preference aja lah. But I enjoyed my lunch there and good company from the owner. I’d go back again there anytime. Meanwhile give Yono a try juga yah. 😀

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