Dish That I Crave: Nasi Rames from Warung Mbak Heni, Jakarta

Look at the time now! It’s almost midnight and I’m suddenly craving for the home dishes I had during my photo session with Chef Odie Djamil last week.

It was at Warung Mbak Heni, that opens at 6 pm everyday and she offers so many Javanese-style dishes that we’d all love to have anytime of the day.

Best to get ready to sit anywhere around because it gets full-house pretty quick. It’s totally worth it because I liked what I chose a lot there – omelette, chicken intestines balado, and krecek with the warm rice showered with opor soup.

Meet you there this weekend? Or tonight? ūüėÄ

At Warung Mbak Heni (Courtesy of Dennie Ramon)
At Warung Mbak Heni (photo courtesy of Dennie Ramon)


Address: Jalan Kemang Raya (in front of La Codefin)