TGA’s having a healthy food or anything nearing vegan food? Why not? A few months ago I was strolling around to find a good example for my healthy food article back for LINKED and found Healthy Choice as a great example for that. Located in Pacific Place, neighboring a famous gym, I thought that time, “It’s a great choice to try Healthy Choice!”

No pun intended, but I was actually quite intrigued to try how healthy the food there. For a start, the restaurant also has a mini market section where you can find fresh organic vegetables and other healthy stuffs. As for the food itself, plenty of interesting choices but I found that having a somewhat healthy food restaurant doesn’t mean that you can’t sell fried or grilled stuffs because Healthy Choice has them here.

Steamed Fish ala Thai
Steamed Fish ala Thai

Since I have only minimum knowledge about vegan or healthy food aspect, I trust their judgment of doing that because of the good ingredients, healthy cooking oil, no reheating process, and uses only specific utensils for the health sake. Whew.. So many ‘health’ or ‘healthy’ word I have said in this post but the story keeps on rolling though!

Caesar's Vegetarian Wrap
Caesar’s Vegetarian Wrap

So I chose a steamed fish ala Thai and my wife’s with a Caesar’s vegetarian wrap. The steamed fish came big and rich with cabbages, bok choy, mushrooms, coriander, and plenty of chilies. I thought that it’s gonna be plain and uninteresting but it turned out to be quite appetizing. Although a bit soupy, the fish retains a colorful taste of just enough savoriness, spicy, and moist nicely. My wife’s Caesar’s wrap was also fulfilling, in terms of the content. So many diced, fresh vegetables stuffed inside altogether with a decent Caesar’s dressing.


Aside from those two, I found other interesting healthy dishes such as salmon and dory soup, 200 grams of grilled Norwegian salmon with mashed potato and bechamel sauce, and there’s even nasi campur, laksa, up to pasta as well. For the refreshments? Have that pitcher of cool lemonade for everyone!




Some menu are suitable for vegetarians

Pacific Place, Level 5 – Jakarta, Indonesia
For other location please refer to:

Opening hours:
Everyday, mall opening hours

RSVP: +62.21.5797.3119

Facebook: Healthy-Choice-Indonesia

Spend: IDR 75,000 – IDR 100,000 / person


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