Foodie Flicks: Eat Drink Man Woman (Yǐn Shí Nán Nǚ) (1994)

Master Chef Chu has been acting cold to his family ever since the death of his wife. Not only that, he loses his taste buds’ senses although he’s a legend in Chinese kitchen of an upscale hotel. Even so, Chu maintains the Sunday dinner tradition with his daughters, where he will cook colorful and appetizing Chinese cuisine made from a full, one-day preparation.
The film then cleverly tells us about each character’s story – starting from how complicated the relationship between the daughters and the dad, between the siblings, and each of their love stories. Even though at first, the second daughter – the most beautiful and the most promising among other claimed to be the one who hates Chu the most, turns out to be the one that cares about him so much. While the other two siblings use their love stories as a mean to escape from their fathers “clutches”.