Flavor Preview: Java Bleu’s Family Meal Express – Ready-to-eat Soups and Sauces (PT. PKR Bali)

I never doubted Chef Antoine Audran’s finesse in cooking, not even once. His extensive experience spanning for decades from his travels around the world culminated several years ago with his highly successful restaurant, Java Bleu. The restaurant still opens now on the colonial part of Jalan Cikini in Jakarta but the chef now moves to Bali and quite recently started a food factory specializes in ready-to-eat high quality soups and sauces.

Once the chef told me that all his products are of his very own recipe and required many months to fine-tune it. After I realized, each of the package consists of complex ingredients and I can see why Chef Audran put a lot of effort into it to make the flavor tastes authentic. Serving suggestion is provided on each pack and clear cooking direction. It’s all easy and sounds good!